Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Praying for a Godly marriage

The commotion of a day can create a chaotic environment in which glimpses of sanity may become scarce. Yet, those quiet, peacefully still moments when the twilight of the stars trickles through my sons curtains flooding the floors with it’s beauty; those are the moments I seem to find the most clarity to speak with God.

Those gorgeous blessed moments, just as I watch my son’s eyes close for the final time and I hear him breathe a sigh of peace. His hands slide up behind his head as he lies without a care in the world.
It is in this silence that my heart opens up to God.
Questions flood my mind about the choices I’ve made through the day. Worries of the type of mom I’ll be in the future cloud my judgment.
Yet, God has the calming peace in these moments to bring our needs to focus.
If you’re a mom of a boy, you’ll realize how special they are. Their rough and tough exterior as they run through the day is torn away in a moment of tenderness when they hug you as the most important woman of their world.
As a wife, most of us can understand the ‘battle’ many women have experienced between a mother-in-law and a wife. It can be a difficult ground to tread on.
Some of us, though can attest to the beautiful relationship that can bloom between these two center women in a mans life.
It is one relationship I pray a lot about. Not just mine with my mother-in-law, but for the day when I am no longer the alpha female in my sons’ lives.
I came from a divorced family. Before the age of two, my biological parents had divorced. I’ve never met this mother. At the age of 13, my step-mother (whom I’ve always regarded as my mother) and father divorced. My father’s current wife has also been divorced.
My uncle and aunt, my grandparents…all divorced. I know very well how to ruin and end a marriage. What was not shown to me was how to make one work!
It’s a long, long ways off, but prayer works miracles.
So, what is it that I pray?

For her specifically:
I pray that she will be a devoted daughter of the Lord.
I pray that nothing will come in the fruit of their relationship until the day both their hearts are handed to God.
I pray that she will find all the love and guidance she needs in Christ and not the world, that she may understand the true meaning of love.
I pray that she will know through the Holy Spirit the way to be the wife God intended her to be.
I pray that her life is abundant before she meets my son and that she experiences all she needs to prepare her for their life together. That she learns to use these experiences to glorify the Lord.
I pray that she knows to follow the leading of God and understands the respect necessary for my son. I pray she knows how to submit to her husband and to God.
I pray that she will be an understanding and accepting spirit of our family.

For my son:
I pray my son loves her above all others on this earth. I pray he will be a man who seeks her needs and desires. I pray that he loves her unconditionally.
I pray that he seeks her approval and love more than anything this world can provide.
I pray that he knows the leading of God in his heart and can lead a spiritual family.

Our Family:
I pray that my husband and I give the example he needs for a Godly and loving marriage.
I pray that any negative impacts of my marriage will be removed from his heart.
I pray that I’ve set an example as a Godly wife that he may have seen how to be a Godly husband.
I pray that we’ve brought him up to be secure in his relationship with God.
I pray that I will recognize the fruit of this prayer when I meet her. That I will see in her the fruit of my warrior prayers.
I pray that our family will be accepting and that the Spirit will guide our hearts when the time comes for them to be their own family.

I pray that they use their lives to glorify the Lord. That their children will see in their lives the example and the Way to follow.
I pray that they uplift God and seek His counsel in everything. I pray that they are learning to listen to the Lord and use their gifts and talents to glorify Him.
I pray for purity on their behalves. That they will know the need to wait on each other in the Lord.
I pray that all of Satan’s attempts to prevent this union is removed. That they will find each other by the divine desire and Will of God. I ask for spiritual warfare on behalf of their future life and family.

Her Family:
I pray for the man her father is and that he is the example she has needed in her life. That there is no amount of wanting left in her relationship with him and that she is secure in her place as his daughter; loved and adored.
I pray for her mom. I pray that she has been a spiritual warrior on their behalf as well. I pray that she has taught her to be a Godly woman and set as an example the way a Godly wife should be.

I thank the Lord for the answers to my prayers. I thank Him for the work He has already begun in both of their lives.
Most of all, I thank the Lord for his provision. I know He has already planned them for each other. I pray that nothing, not even myself, stands in the way of their union. I thank the Lord for blessings upon their family. I thank the Lord for the guidance He will provide them.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater, so is My word that goes out from My mouth. It will not return to my empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it” (Isaiah 55:8-11).
It’s never too early to begin to pray for their spouses. One day, I pray she knows I prayed. I pray she knows she is the answer to that prayer. I pray she knows how much she means to both my son and our family. That she can find reassurance that God would not have led her to my son if she was not the match for him! That she can find comfort in knowing they are a ‘match made in heaven.’
Are you praying for your child’s spouse?

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