Monday, 16 June 2014

Old Fashioned Chicken Pox Remedy

Have you ever sat with a child with chicken pox? I have! Poor Lil Mister got chicken pox when he was just about 16 months old and I was pregnant with LJ.
Luckily I’d already had chicken pox as a child and was not worried about catching. However, I didn’t want to see my child suffer, nor could I really miss much work at the time. I know that sounds terrible but that is a reality for a working mom. Believe me though, my child came before everything.

Being the person I am, I immediately jumped on Google and started searching remedies for my baby. I wanted this over quickly for him and with as little discomfort as possible. I found tens of different ideas and actually came up with something that worked miracles in my eyes.

Lil Mister broke out with his first spots on his back the Tuesday night. Wednesday morning he was full of spots and by Thursday night he was scabbed over! I promise you! Even better I never saw him scratch once and he was fine by the weekend and left with no scars!

This remedy is best if applied from the first identification of spots! Don’t wait for a full break out! Start as soon as you suspect pox.

        1)      Take 1 cup raw oats and place into a thin sock. Tie the sock closed.
        2)      Place hot HOT water into the bath tub. Pour in enough hot water that you will only need to add cold water to get desired tempature and depth for childs bath later.
        3)      Mix into the bath ½ c borax and ½ c baking soda. Submerge sock in hot water and allow to stand for 5 minutes.
        4)      Mix in cold water and place child in bath. Rub child with about 2 tbl borax in hand.
        5)       Wash child only using the sock. If needed, you can add some aqueous cream (or other baby cream).
        6)      Rinse with warm, clean water.
        7)      Dry your child and rub them with calamine lotion.

And that is it. It’s so simple! The borax and baking soda in the water helps to dry out the spots thus creating scabbing almost immediately. The oats and calamine remove the itch practically altogether. I saw results within two hours of Lil Misters first bath! So save this for a rainy, chicken poxed day! 

Do you have any at home remedies for child illnesses?

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