Thursday, 18 September 2014

Summer Bucket List

Summer is fast approaching us here in South Africa! I can already feel the days getting warmer and have been so excited to actually break out some three quarter pants! My boys are definitely enjoying it as well as they stretch their feet in the mud and enjoy the longer afternoons outside! Summer seems to inspire a lot of emotions in all of us. I assume almost every season does this in some way!

A while back, I spoke about some summer inspirations I absolutely thrive on! Today, I want to focus a little more on how I plan to spend our summer! I grew up watching friends take multiple vacations all over the country and world, and saw how jealousy could play such an impact when we all returned to school. I remember as a child thinking, I will make sure my children have “those” memories. Now as an adult, I have a different view.

The memories I treasure most as a child are the ones where my parents and family were just involved. I don’t remember the themes of my birthdays or even the gifts, but I remember the special cakes my aunt baked and I remember the emotions of all my friends and family being there. I don’t remember a lot of “special” trips around the country, but I do remember the conversations I had with my Dad as we drove down the highway in his semi for weeks at a time!

The memories that mean the most to me are the moments where we were just together. It really didn’t matter where! I have some of my favourite memories right at home! That is now my goal as a parent. To instill memories where my boys know the “why” behind what we’re doing. Although, I’d love to have the finances to take them back to my home town, right now I know that isn’t what makes a great childhood. Being involved with them and being a family is what is important!

So, today I present to you my summer bucket list! I hope you enjoy it!

1)      Go camping! We love to camp and I love the secluded time it provides us as a family. It isn’t anything fancy but a piece of meat on the braai and a fishing pole in the water is all we need to have a weekend of love and laughter!
2)      Spend Christmas in Durban. I don’t know if we’re going to achieve this one. But I’d really like to spend this Christmas with our Ouma and Oupa in Durban. Last year we went on holiday there with the boys and it was amazing. It isn’t about the vacation as much as the idea of our family all being together!
3)      Cook a Thanksgiving dinner! I really want to bring these traditions into my home here. It is really important to me that my children know and understand where I am from. I plan to start having Thanksgiving right here in South Africa!
4)      Take a mini road trip. I really don’t care where we go or if we even “go” anywhere. I’d just really like to get the family in the car and drive. Listen to music, talk and eat junk food!
5)      Spend New Years in the Dal. It is of huge importance to Hubby and I to bring in another year with the friends we have in our old town. We still consider that place home and the friends there family. They have all made such an effort to remain a part of our lives since we moved and I want nothing more for New Years than to remind them and ourselves that we are still all a unit no matter how far away!
6)      Spend lazy Saturdays. I want days with my boys this summer where we just play and go for walks and bike rides, go fishing at the dam and make a lekker bunny chow! These days are the most amazing times because we really see how they are growing and what they are learning!
7)      I want to get everyone (friends and family) together for the boys’ birthdays. It may seem simple but it is actually difficult as we all live spaced out over a few hours and have work and lives. However, it isn’t just about the birthday. It’s a set date where we can all come together and celebrate how much of a family we are!
8)      Complete the boys’ bedrooms. We’ve now split the boys into separate rooms and they’re loving it. I really want to focus this summer on creating spaces for them that reflect their personalities. Why in the summer you ask? I want this to be done and ready for when the winter months come and they’re spending more and more time inside!

So that’s it my friends. I know it isn’t much and I’ll probably add to this as the months warm up and I get more pinspirations! Hehe But for now, my focus is family and spending as much time with them as possible!

Do you create bucket lists for seasons? Is it winter or summer where you are? What is something you’re planning for this upcoming season?

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  1. I definitely understand where you're coming from with the jealousy thing in childhood. The only vacation we took was when I was in 4th grade while I had to constantly hear about all my classmates' trips. The reason is because all my family's money went into the family lake house, which is where we traveled on the weekends and where I would spend weeks at a time with my grandmother. Now that I only get to visit it one, maybe two times a year, I desperately miss it and am so fond of those memories I have spending time there as a child.




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