Monday, 6 October 2014

Daily Routine as a SAHM

Hey peeps! As you’ve probably picked up on my blog, I’m not working at the moment. It’s a long story involving my visa, but that’s for another day! Right now, I’m adjusting to being at home. Unfortunately this means I don’t have daily access to a computer and therefore am not on my blog as much as I’d prefer!

We’ve spoke in the past about morning routines. Today, I’d like to touch on my daily routine again. It was actually harder than I thought to get myself into a routine while at home. I quickly fell into a habit of just wanting to take the day as it came and before I knew it 5 o’clock had come and I hadn’t even started dinner!

After a little more than a month at home, I think I’ve gotten things down well. The boys are back in school. This was another difficult decision. It seemed like they should stay home since I am home now, but I knew that wasn’t the best decision for them. They are used to school and the routine and missed being around friends tremendously. They needed to go back.

Our day begins around 6 am in which I help get the boys ready for their day. By 6:30, Papa and boys are headed off to “work.” I get dressed and go for my run. I am normally home just in time for Grey’s Anatomy to begin at 7:25! This is probably the highlight of my day.

From there I basically clean and iron and organize the house. Once the house is done for the day, I work on reading and writing for the blog. Dinner is started at 4:30 and they boys are home at 5:30. We play outside and then come in to eat dinner.

It seems like my day is so empty now and I am struggling to see fulfilment. However, I am looking to the joy of the situation. My house is very organized and tidy lately! I have much more time in the evenings with the boys as there is little to do once they are home. We enjoy the time we get to go for a walk or swing or ride their bikes. Bath time is a little later but longer now that the weather is warming up and we are delighted in the giggles and silliness that occurs with nothing else taking our focus.

As well, I’m getting to focus more on Hubby. I can relax and know that when he is home, even if we’re just watching TV, there is nothing urgent (except maybe a nappy that needs changed) that needs my attention.


I’ve also recently met my neighbour for a cup of coffee! She is also not working at the moment so maybe I will find a new friend! I feel refreshed each day knowing that my to-do list is empty, laundry is caught up and an airplane can be built out of blocks! I miss work, I miss the interaction, but like I said, I’m looking to the joy!

Are you a stay at home mom or do you work? Are you kids in school? How do you fill up your days? Do you feel guilty if you get a nap in?????

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