Wednesday, 17 February 2016

5 Methods to Show Your Husband Love (with free printable)

Hi y'all! So Valentines was last week right? I'm joking here. I know when it was but it isn't something Hubby and I celebrate. Why you ask?
Well, I feel that by placing unnecessary hopes in the way we show each other love only leads to unrealistic expectations and hurt feelings. There is a lot of reasons why this particular day slips under the rug but for us we have decided we want everyday to be Valentines day!
Every day is full of opportunities for us to celebrate our love and marriage! It is an environment I want to raise my children in and an environment that nourishes both our lives!
I've come up with 5 methods to apply to my life to show my husband I love him! I hope you can use them too!

Get creative, get out of the box, love on each other!
Sincerly- I want to love my husband sincerly. I'm doing this by learning his love language. It might be so obvious but once broken down it is a great way to truly see when he needs what type of love and why! Another way to love Hubby sincerely is that I am making an effort to say thank you at least once a day (Ephesians 5:20)! What? Only once? I want you to take some time and write down every time you say thank you....just to say it! You'd be surprised how little we actually do this!
 1) Give him your undivided attention
 2) Don't interrupt him 
 3) Pray for him and your marriage (Philippians 4:6-7)
 4) Tell him: I trust you, I love you, I believe in you, I want you, I'm thankful for you....

Intentionally- I'm working towards showing intentional love towards Hubby! I plan to do this through encouragement and praise. I want to support his dreams (Philippians 2:4). I want to praise the little things he does. And I want to listen, giving him my undivided attention during a set time each day hearing with my heart what he wants to share. Other ways you can give your husband intentional love:
 1) Just say I love you
 2) Leave love letters, post it notes, lunch box notes, text messages, emails.... and so on.
 3) Ask him how his day was- and just listen
 4) Give him a foot massage
 5) Hold your tongue- when that desire to criticize, correct, or fix his problems comes us....just keep quiet (Proverbs 17:28)

Consistently- I want to create ways in my daily routine that this is consistent. I plan ahead the notes I'm going to be leaving him and where I'll leave them. I plan ahead to make time for creative ways to love him. I pray for him...every single day! And we pray together!
 1) Forgive him- don't hold grudges as this impedes your ability to consistently love
 2) Take care of the house and yourself- put in a little extra effort each day to show him you're doing it for him (Proverbs 31:27)
 3) Show interest in his friends- you know those one's you're not to keen on....invite them over for a braai (BBQ)
 4) Discuss decisions ahead of time- even if it is small... mention to him that you'd like to talk about the budget or about something coming up at the kids school. Give him a short version of what it is and let him decide if you need to make the decision together or if he wants to leave it in your hands.

Creatively- Oh, this is such a fun one! It kind of ties into the other four...but it really gets you out of the box, out of the comfort zone and shows the extra effort!
 1) Come up with date nights.... even if they're at home!
 2) Do a bible study together- maybe download one or stream it from you tube
 3) Send him a video telling him why you love him, or wish he was with you, or what you're thankful for....
 4) Do something he likes- camping, fishing, sports games whatever it is.... make a plan to get involved in his hobby for a bit
 5) Write a message on the mirror while he is in the shower
 6) Leave him a note in the car, in his wallet, in the pocket of his pants... 
 7) Make him a playlist that tells him about songs you have memories too
 8) Wake him up early with a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise together
 9) Grab the kids and spend some time going for a sunset drive
 10) Make him his favorite dinner (Proverbs 31:14-15)
 11) Show up at his work with lunch
 12) Do something in the house that he has needed to get to- then tell him why you did it for him

Physically- Yep, that's right ladies! Let's get physical (1 Corinthians 7:3-5)! Face crave physical attention. That is the most popular love language among men! But it doesn't always have to be about s-e-x.
 1) Grab his bum ;-)
 2) Meet him at the door and give him a proper kiss
 3) Make sure you always hug and kiss goodbye
 4) Tell him how and why you're attracted to him
 5) Plan an intimacy night
 6) Initiate it!
 7) Tell him something you enjoy in the bedroom
 8) Randomly walk past him and give him a hug
 9) Just kiss for 10 minutes before going to bed

All of this is little ways you can incoorporate love into your daily plan! Yes, write it down, put it in your planner, highlight it, set alarms to it! Make it 100% intentional! If you're into the notes idea, I've included a free printable that you can start filling in why you love your husband and leaving them for him to find!

Call to action: Do you have any ideas to add to these lists? Please leave a comment below! Then grab one idea (at least) and put it into action! Write a facebook post, a blog post, a twitter post, any thing and tag me! I'd love, love, love to hear how you're loving on your man! 
Shana Danae
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  1. These are great ideas. Thanks for linking up to Meetup Monday!

    1. Thank you! And thanks for stopping by! Have a blessed week!




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