Friday, 12 February 2016

52 Week Blogger Challenge: Behind the Scenes

Hey y'all! How's your week been? Mine? Blessed!
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As I wrote in my Welcome Back post, I stumbled upon a great 52 week blogger challenge! Now I was a little slow to the game, but I've decided to join up and backtrack the previous weeks while catching up to the new ones!! So Monday's post will be current and fresh and on target ;-) However, this is still taking us back, back, back into week 2!
The topic was Behind the Scenes and you can find a full list of topics at Sarah Emily Blogs.
messy desk day planner blog planner
I cannot survive without my planners- a personal day planner, blog planner, church planner and farm planner!

Where I Work: I work a little bit of everywhere! No seriously! I have a terrible habit of just allowing my mind to calculate at least 3 things at a time! I spend my mornings at the church as a PA/ Secretary and Mondays plus the rest of my weekday afternoons, I am a financial administrator for a farm! I also tend to overwork myself by constantly stepping up and taking on tasks that ministries in the church need help with! With this, I not only take my blog to work with me :-( during my lunch time but I take my financial work and church planning home with me for during my down time! It creates just a little bit more of that Organized Chaos!

Motivation: My motivation is to write! I absolutely love it! I also gain motivation from my children in a sense that I want to remember these precious moments, and from Hubby in that I want to strive to be more! Mostly though, I get motivation from you guys and this:

bookshelves many books
This only two of the bookshelves that are in my office. In total- 7!

Upcoming: I have so so so many ideas for where this blog is going to go! Mostly, though, I'm letting the Spirit take the reigns and show me His vision for this page! I want it to be a happy, motivational, inspirational place that deals with real issues women face and the reality of how we face them! I want a place where I can laugh and cry through this life and share that with y'all in hopes that my testimony can help others! I want a place where we can share stories, recipes, crafts, hilarious moments and find strength when it isn't there!

desk holder planner
I just can't help it! The organized part takes over!
How: This goes back to that everywhere statement from above! I seriously have written journals (in which my highlighters become sick of me), I have my laptops (yes there are two), my Android, my blackberry in which I tend to do a lot of voice recordings when things pop into my head (next time I will try to get a photograph of the strange looks I get in the grocery store!) and I do this everywhere! Voice notes while driving the 26km to Hubby work in the afternoons or while walking down the street! I constantly am jotting in my notebook or saving files to the computer! I might be addicted :-(

morning cup of motivational coffee
And this is what keeps me going!
So that is basically it! I really hope it helped you guys get a better picture of who and what I am here behind Organized Chaos! Thanks for stopping by and take a moment to tell me where you find your motivation and what you'd like to see more of here at Organized Chaos!! Have a blessed weekend!

Shana Danae

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