Monday, 22 February 2016

What's in my Grocery Cart?

Hey y'all! Oh my, I really have been excited for this week's link up! That's right! I'm back with another in the 52 week Blogger Challenge! If you haven't yet heard about it you'll find everything at Sarah Emily Blogs! Each week we join in a new topic and Sarah sets us up with a linky ;-) And y'all know I love a linky!

This week Sarah is asking us what we're throwing in our shopping trolleys (yes I had to say it that way being in South Africa and all!!). I really had to work to break this down! 

How I do it:
Let me just explain.... I am all about monthly shopping! I've tried to do it weekly, heck we even tried to budget into little bank bags and do it daily! It doesn't work for us! #aintnobodygottimeforthat So, now I am an avid monthly shopper with a weekly budget for fresh groceries that cannot hold for a month (i.e. mushrooms, bread, fruit ect)

What I'm buying:
I really couldn't bombard y'all with an entire shopping trolley because we'd be here until next I grabbed a few of my favorites and thought I'd share!

I am addicted to the Lux Body Wash! Particularly the Wake Me Up smell! Not to mention that I cannot, will not, refuse to use anything but a whitening toothpaste! It's the only thing that makes your teeth feel clean! Then, my Herbal Camphor Cream... it moisturizes, as in truly, leaving you with that clean smell, not perfume smell!
Other things in my bath/ body category: Shampoo/ Conditioner- I like to change it up each month, but we always keep anti-dandruff on hand!
Deodorant, body spray, bar soap, kids toothpaste, hairspray, razors, shaving cream, face wash, face cream, make-up remover, anti-frizz hair products, heat defense hair products,  mouthwash, floss
All of these products are bought monthly! I like stock piles so regardless if we're empty or not, I purchase!
Lux Body Wash Camphor Cream Whitening Toothpaste
Bath Product Must Haves: Lux Body Wash, Aquafresh Whitening Complete Care Toothpaste, and Body Solutions Camphor Cream Herbal
 Next is my cleaning products! Because I love a clean house! The first is Dettol Multisurface Cream Cleaner! This is an all purpose cleaner that disinfects! I'm addicted. Then Sta-soft Aroma Therapy fabric softener along with Ariel Auto Washing Powder which are the only products I use in my machine! Jeyes Fluid for disinfecting...bathroom and floors! And finally, Sunlight soap bar....that green bar that works wonders! I use that for so so so many purposes in my house!
Additionally, I buy bleach, thin and thick, dish soap, floor cleaner, kitchen spray and bathroom spray!
dettol sta soft ariel sunlight jeyes fluid
Clean House Must Haves: Detol Multisurface Cream Cleaner, Stay-soft, Ariel Automatic Washing Powder, Jeyes Fluid, Sunlight soap bar
 Finally, the groceries! These are my top 5 items right now! 
A meat hamper! I just cannot get the same quality or variety for cost in the grocery store as what I can if I buy a hamper from the butchery! Especially, my favorite one! My meat gets me through the month with only a few additional purchases at the grocery store.
Next, is my coffee! I don't think I could go back to filter coffee! I love the instant, and especially the Bold & Strong flavor of Frisco, when paired with the Ellis Brown creamer. This creamer has multiple purposes outside of coffee in my house!
Chakalaka is something we crave and absolutely love having it in the house! We prefer the butternut flavor. And finally the boys just cannot live without their peanut butter! We're loving the variety of Black Cat with it's chocolate and caramel flavors!
meat hamper peanut butter instant coffee chakalaka coffee creamer
Grocery Must Haves: Meat hamper, Frisco Coffee, Chakalaka, Creamer, Peanut Butter
I primarily do my shopping at Pick n Pay. I love the Smart Shopper rewards (which always seem to add up right at the right time!) plus the convience of online shopping! I used to drive to multiple stores, but now with Brand Match it isn't necessary! My local Pick n Pay has even edited prices at the till when I saw that something rang up for more than what it was being sold at another local grocery store! It makes it possible for me to be in and out of the shop in under an hour with a months groceries! To top it all off, I only have a R3000 budget (including groceries, meat, cleaning and bath supplies) for a month! We average within R200 either way of the budget each month, unless we decide we can get a good deal one month on a whole pig or lamb (that meat then gets added extra to make our freezer more full!). Pick n Pay truly makes it possible!

What's coming:
I am so excited to announce that I'll be sharing product reviews about these featured items over the next month or so! I just really want to show you why I am loving these must haves!

Call to action:
Do you have a must have bath/body/grocery/cleaning product? I'd love to hear about! Do you make something you think could replace my must have (i.e. homemade body wash, washing powder, chakalaka recipe)? I'd love to give it a try and write a review linking to you and your creation!! Let me know in the comments below!

Shana Danae

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