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Monday, 25 April 2016

4 Steps to Becoming a Better You

I'm back with another in the 52 week Blogger Challenge! If you haven't yet heard about it you'll find everything at Sarah Emily Blogs! Each week we join in a new topic and Sarah sets us up with a linky ;-) And y'all know I love a linky!
This week’s writing challenge is Becoming a Better Me. I took a lot of time in my devotions these past few days meditating over what this actually meant.
Tweet: I’m not interested in becoming a better me…. I want tobecome the full person God intended me to be #selfimprovement

I’m not interested in becoming a better me…. I want to become the full person God intended me to be #selfimprovement

It’s really quite simple. 

There are two versions of me at this moment. There is the version that my experiences have shaped up until this point. This is the version that has allowed worldly input of who, what and how I should be has affected. This version of me is attempting to gain approval of those around, striving to please those close to me, and constantly trying to fit a circle into a square.

None of these things are necessarily wrong, however they should never be a primary focus. 

Tweet: I want to be the very best version of myself that I can be! #selfimprovement want to be the very best version of myself that I can be!
Then there is the version God created me to be. This version finds peace in His presence. This version finds contentment in my strengths and weaknesses and their uses in my ministry. This person is calm, together and centred as the primary focus is to be better for God. 

So the question remains. How do I become the me God intended me to be?

    1) Simplify your life: Get rid of anything that does not push you towards God's will. Take your daily agenda and start getting rid of things. Don’t prioritize your schedule, schedule your priorities. You can start saying NO to the things that do not fall into your top 3. Schedule your time with God. If you’re a morning person, great! If you’re a night time person, wonderful! If you’re going to start using your lunch break to spend time in the Word, go for it! Don’t try to be something you’re not! Find your best time and go for it.

   2)  Line out your goals: Start brainstorming about what you want in life. Then ask yourself which of these things line up with the Lord’s will for my life and which of these goals follow the world’s view of who I should be. Then start lining up goals, short term and long term, to reach that end result. If you have a goal of being a millionaire, ask yourself first why and then decide whether it is a goal worth keeping or pitching out.

    3) Find routine: Life is busy…all day long it feels like every time we cross something off our to-do lists another three things add on. Create a realistic routine. It doesn’t need to get everything done in one day, it needs to get you through the day in a calm manner and end the night ready for the next day. It needs to include devotional time. It needs to include prayer time and it needs to include time to do what needs done, i.e. work, laundry, dishes, ect. There is no perfect routine… each person is different and every family is unique. Once again just start with a big bubble of what needs done, then break it down into three time frames (morning, day, and night) and then prioritize it.

    4) Surround yourself with motivation: I’m dead serious about this one. I have bible verses written on mirrors. I have pictures and clippings at my work station. I have alarms on my computer set to music. I have playlists for just about every mood. And I have mantras I read to myself constantly for different events such as I need a personal reminder to leave the day behind when my kids get home. I have a mantra I’ve written to myself that I read every single day before my boys walk through my door about the mom I AM, the priorities (quality time with them verses what time the world says dinner should be done), and laughter! Figure out what motivates you. Next time you read something on facebook, write it down! Next time a meme makes you laugh, print it out! If a song speaks to you, download it!

I’m working towards becoming the me God wants me to be. It means I’m spending a lot of time with Him and that is just wonderful. He created me for a purpose and I’m going to fulfill that. The Oom we rent our flat from has been diagnosed with cancer. When discussing this with a close friend, I was asked but am I scared of dying. I soundly responded, “No, I’m only scared of living a dead life.”

Call to action: Share with us what is keeping you from being all God created you to be! Alternatively, share an uplifting story of how you came to know the true you and how the Lord is using you today.

Shana Danae



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