Sunday, 8 May 2016

Waiting on the Lord

Tweet: And I will wait on the Lord who hides His face from the house of Jacob And I will hope in Him Is 8:17 I will wait on the Lord, who hides His face from the house of Jacob; And I will hope in Him.
Isaiah 8:17

My life in general is a testimony to how the Lord continuously comes through to stand in the divide. He never fails to follow through and despite countless risks, flying half way across the world to someone I barely knew, providing work, housing, a car, ect. He continues to prove His desire for our lives.

In the beginning of December, I planned a week long holiday to the Valley with the boys. Hubby had been staying here with his brother for two months already while the boys and I remained behind in Jo-burg with our Ma. We knew the Lord had called us back to the Valley; why or how was yet to be answered.

Dutifully though, Hubby took up work and made the sacrifice to only see us every second weekend during this time. Financially, it wasn’t proving to be of any benefit but we pushed through with the Lord.

So as LJ’s birthday came near, we decided to spend some time with our family and friends. The original trip was to be a week, then through the encouragement of friends and the financial logic, we extended our trip through Lil Misters birthday at the beginning of January.

I prayed earnestly as I felt stuck between a rock and a hard place. I couldn’t get work in the Valley without being here and there was no reasonable way to be here without work. Yet, the Lord made a way and here I was in a perfect capacity to seek out employment. In my first 3 days visiting, the Lord came through as He always does.

I was contacted by our Pastor in the Valley letting me know a secretary position had opened within the church and it was mine if I accepted. The only downfall to this is the salary was much lower than we had been budgeting on as it was only a part-time position. We prayed and ultimately trusted in the Lord as the Spirit told me to take the job.

The Spirit assured us that in taking up this ministry, the Lord would provide; given that I saw it as that, a ministry not a job. I made the arrangements and we moved into a one-bedroom flat with our boys, as a family once again. I began the first week in January at the church and wonderfully the Lord provided more. That Sunday I was again approached by members of the church that were in need of a financial administrator. By the following Wednesday, I had two part-time jobs making up more than the planned budget and working within each others time needs.

It was a blessing beyond measure for us.

A few weeks ago, I was let go by the secondary job. The needs had been met and financially it was not possible for the company to continue to carry someone only in a financial ability. Knowing that I would not be willing to give up my position in the church, the company needed someone full time.

My three months with this company had been a blessing and I spent these past weeks searching out the blessing of being down to only one job. Of course, the primary fear was that I would have to leave the church in the end to take up full time employment.

But, we’ve decided to wait… on and in the Lord. Hubby and I have prayed constantly these past few days and the Spirit says that the Lord knew our needs in January and He knows our needs now. He gave me a ministry, not a job, with the church and if He feeds the birds of the air how much more will He do for His children. I received further confirmation of this decision through a close sister in the Lord as well as our Pastor self.

I want to stress the importance of confirmation in these radical decisions. When you feel the Spirit speaking to you in a radical way, i.e. quitting your job, moving far away, donating a large amount of money, pray earnestly and share this with others mature in their spiritual walk. Ask that they pray and await confirmation. The Spirit will confirm God’s will to those around you.

Tweet: We are waiting on the Lord He provided, provides and will provide. I waited patiently 4 the Lord n He inclined to me n heard my cry Ps 40:1, we are waiting on the Lord. He provided, He provides and He will provide.
I waited patiently for the Lord and He inclined to me; and heard my cry;
Psalm 40:1

The Lord will not forsake His children. In this week, I have had so much devotional time. Times of peace in His presence, times of sorrow, times of worry and times of joy. I have cleaned my house beautifully, caught up on washing and ironing and completed homework and activities with the boys in peace and fulfillment for them and I.

I’ve been blessed with full nights’ rest without numbers racing through my mind, with coffee dates with friends, and afternoon walks with the Lord. I got to sit with the Tannie we rent our flat from as she poured her heart out over her husband’s cancer diagnosis, without worrying about having to be somewhere at a certain time. I spent time researching recipes to help her with the new diet the Oom is on.

I have not only meal planned but also meal prepped! I even was blessed with some time just with Hubby as the kids spent a few nights with Ouma. I have been blessed and I continue to wait patiently as we pray for the financial needs of our family.

But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint
Isaiah 40:31

Tweet: Is there something you’re anticipating, planning, losing sleep over, or over analyzing? there something you’re anticipating, planning, losing sleep over, or over analyzing? I encourage you today, pick up your Bible and wait on the Lord. Silence your spirit to hear His Spirit and hand it over to Him. His timing is incomparably perfect.

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Shana Danae

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