Organized Chaos

BuCkEt LiSt

 My Bucket List is in no particular order. I tried to organize things into categories as to make it make more sense! If there are stars next to it then it is something that I will continually work towards and never be able to check off as having substantially completed it! If it is highlighted in yellow then I am currently working towards that goal! I'm at 68 items now. Ideally I'd like to have 100 to complete my theme of 100 things before I'm 100!
*This page is subject to changes!
1.    Be a Godly wife**
2.    Be a role model to my children**
3.    Read the Bible all the way through (again)
4.    Know I’ve changed at least one person’s life for the better
5.    Have a photo I took published
6.    Have a book I wrote published
7.    Own a string of pearls and a pearl ring like the one I gave Granny
8.    Have a successful blog**
9.    Play violin in a Praise Team
10. Say hello in 50 languages (4)
11.  Learn sign language
12.  Go Sailing across the Atlantic
13.  Hold a Penguin
14.  Ride an elephant
15.  Ride in a hot air balloon
16.  Read the entire Left Behind Series
17.  Read every Nicolas Sparks book
18.  Own a first edition Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

1.    Renew my wedding vows and have Dad walk me down the aisle this time
2.    Go on our Honeymoon
3.    Have the children participate in a volunteer program
4.    Take a missionary trip as a family to Argentina
5.    Go fishing with Brendon in Mozambique
6.    See my children graduate university
7.    Visit “home” **
8.    Visit Durban again **
9.    Meet Ouma Pop
10. Meet my birth mother (ask a lot of questions!)

1.    See a Blue Bulls Vs Cheetahs game live
2.    Attend the Olympics (as a spectator ;-])
3.    Go to Oktoberfest
4.    Go on a Cruise
5.    Go on a Safari
6.    Attend my high school reunion in the States

1.    Create a trust fund for the children
2.    Become debt free
3.    Own a business
4.    Own a house where we can grow old

1.    Get my bachelors in Financial Accounting
2.    Obtain the Honors Bachelors in Accounting
3.    Obtain my Masters
4.    Obtain my Doctorate
5.    Take a photography course
6.    Take a health and nutrition course (or 2 ;-])

1.    See Table Mountain
2.    Go to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam
3.    Camp in Ireland
4.    Swim in Venice
5.    Buy art in Paris
6.    Hike in the Amazon Rainforest
7.    See Victoria Falls
8.    See the Grand Canyon
9.    Visit Rome
10. Travel through Israel (Wailing Wall)

1.    Run a 10k
2.    Run a half-marathon
3.    Run a marathon
4.    Run the Comrades
5.    Go rock climbing/mountain climbing
6.    Go white water rafting
7.    Go scuba diving
8.    Go bungee jumping
9.    Go sky diving
10. Learn to belly dance ;-]
11.  Dance the salsa with Brendon in public
12.  Learn to surf
13.  Take up bicycling
14.  Learn to play tennis



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