Thursday, 12 December 2013

LJ turns one: Happy Birthday!
My Dearest LJ,

I can't believe that a year has passed already. Last night as I held you in my arms, I could just see that very first moment I held you! It all happened so quick and before we knew it you were born!
3 hours after birth
You're growing so quickly and the moments fly by. Papa and I try to treasure and capture every single one of them. We hope you grow up knowing exactly how special you are.

We're going to make mistakes. That is reality. We aren't perfect parents. We ask that you are patient with us. This a learning curve for us. You and your brother handle everything differently as you are different people. We will change and adapt with you. But we promise to make the most of every situation in life!

It is so adorable watching you and Lil Misters relationship developing. At times it seems that you two do everything possible to irritate each other and at other times you are the best of friends! Please never forget that. Lil Mister is not only your brother. He was your first friend. He has been there from day one giving you kisses and hugs to make you better and a knock or two to make you stronger. You will pass through life together and you will always need each other. Nothing can take away the bond between you two. It fills Mama's heart to see the unconditional love.

You're learning each and everyday. It seems ridiculous as we get excited when we watch you do something new. Whether it is the first time you wave goodbye or how you now follow your brother out each evening to greet Papa by the car, each moment is precious. Never worry that you aren't smart enough. You are! You are miraculous! You amaze me how quickly you pick something up and how fun it all is to you.

You watch in fascination each night at dinner as we pray and listen with eyes tightly closed as I whisper bed time prayers in your ears. Always remember these moments. Mama and Papa live our lives for Jesus because He died for our lives. He loves you so much more than humanly possible and it is because of His love that we know how to love. Follow Him, lean on Him, and learn about Him. You will always be able to trust Him in the dark times and rejoice with Him in the good. If you follow Him, your path will always be straight!

LJ you are loved beyond reason. It is beyond our own comprehension how much we care and love you and Lil Mister. You two are our entire lives and will always be. Don't ever forget that. There will be dark days in life, but the sun will always shine again. But the four of us....we will always stand as one! You can always come to Mama and Papa in everything and know that nothing will change how we feel about you.

Our days our spent trying to give you two the best lives possible! We play because it brings joy to your face. We laugh because it warms our hearts. Oh, your laughter is the best. I can't go a day without it!

Keep your imagination. Never let anyone tell you not to dream. Your dreams are what drive you. They give you passion and motivation. The great men in history did not accomplish their greatness on black and white images alone. The world is full of color....let that color seep into every aspect of your beautiful life!
Ouma and LJ at 2 months
You are a blessing and we praise God for you! Enjoy today...enjoy this weekend and know you are amazing! Mama and Papa love you!

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