Friday, 12 February 2016

52 Week Blogger Challenge: Behind the Scenes

Hey y'all! How's your week been? Mine? Blessed!
blogger challenge writer challenge

As I wrote in my Welcome Back post, I stumbled upon a great 52 week blogger challenge! Now I was a little slow to the game, but I've decided to join up and backtrack the previous weeks while catching up to the new ones!! So Monday's post will be current and fresh and on target ;-) However, this is still taking us back, back, back into week 2!
The topic was Behind the Scenes and you can find a full list of topics at Sarah Emily Blogs.
messy desk day planner blog planner
I cannot survive without my planners- a personal day planner, blog planner, church planner and farm planner!

Where I Work: I work a little bit of everywhere! No seriously! I have a terrible habit of just allowing my mind to calculate at least 3 things at a time! I spend my mornings at the church as a PA/ Secretary and Mondays plus the rest of my weekday afternoons, I am a financial administrator for a farm! I also tend to overwork myself by constantly stepping up and taking on tasks that ministries in the church need help with! With this, I not only take my blog to work with me :-( during my lunch time but I take my financial work and church planning home with me for during my down time! It creates just a little bit more of that Organized Chaos!

Motivation: My motivation is to write! I absolutely love it! I also gain motivation from my children in a sense that I want to remember these precious moments, and from Hubby in that I want to strive to be more! Mostly though, I get motivation from you guys and this:

bookshelves many books
This only two of the bookshelves that are in my office. In total- 7!

Upcoming: I have so so so many ideas for where this blog is going to go! Mostly, though, I'm letting the Spirit take the reigns and show me His vision for this page! I want it to be a happy, motivational, inspirational place that deals with real issues women face and the reality of how we face them! I want a place where I can laugh and cry through this life and share that with y'all in hopes that my testimony can help others! I want a place where we can share stories, recipes, crafts, hilarious moments and find strength when it isn't there!

desk holder planner
I just can't help it! The organized part takes over!
How: This goes back to that everywhere statement from above! I seriously have written journals (in which my highlighters become sick of me), I have my laptops (yes there are two), my Android, my blackberry in which I tend to do a lot of voice recordings when things pop into my head (next time I will try to get a photograph of the strange looks I get in the grocery store!) and I do this everywhere! Voice notes while driving the 26km to Hubby work in the afternoons or while walking down the street! I constantly am jotting in my notebook or saving files to the computer! I might be addicted :-(

morning cup of motivational coffee
And this is what keeps me going!
So that is basically it! I really hope it helped you guys get a better picture of who and what I am here behind Organized Chaos! Thanks for stopping by and take a moment to tell me where you find your motivation and what you'd like to see more of here at Organized Chaos!! Have a blessed weekend!

Shana Danae

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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Kids Behind the Blog February

I'm so excited to be linking up this week for Kids Behind the Blog! It's a lot like Guys Behind the Blog but with our wee ones! Stephanie over at Wife Mommy Me along with some other fantastic ladies started this up! If you haven't already, stop by The Boys and learn a little bit about them!

toddler kid conversations
Tuesday, LJ wasn't feeling well. He is now 3 and his reaction to being sick has changed so much! He now makes sure to milk the full amount of attention he can obtain for as long as he can! The mumps have been wrecking havoc through our town and just about every child has gotten. A week ago Lil Mister had his chance and now it was LJ's turn. Last Friday I kept him home and we spent the whole day at my work together. For him, it was ah-mazing! Y'all, I thought the day would never end!

I love my children, however they and my work do not mix well! I am so blessed to have bosses who are understanding and accommodating, so yesterday when the school said he is just too fussy to keep here, I quickly made plans and decided it was time for a day in bed!
So that is exactly what we did, laid in bed! Mommy worked on the laptop while LJ watched movies on his computer and played legos. We definitely ate ice cream and cookies and drank coffee....all in the bed! It was bliss!

Lil Mister was at school which left the excitement of using LJ as my option this month for Kids Behind the Blog! Having a conversation with a 3 year old is always interesting! Without further ado.... meet LJ!

1) Where is your favorite place to go?
LJ: The Rugby Club (as he pretends he is kicking a rugby ball and running around) and the dam as he pretends he is fishing!
boy fishing with family at dam summer time
LJ taking a walk down to the dam over Christmas
2) Who is your best friend?
LJ: O & J and my brother
best friends toddler brothers
LJ and Lil Mister being best brothers
3) If you could be a superhero, what would be your superpower?
LJ: What's a superpower?
Mommy: It's like Spiderman who shoots net from his wrists or Superman that can fly. 
LJ: breaks off singing Superhero by Eden.... end of that conversation

4) What is your favorite candy?
LJ: candy....and chocolate.... and candy.... can I have some candy?
5) Who is your Valentine?
LJ: What's a valentine (I'm starting to think I don't teach him enough)
Mommy: A valentine is someone special you choose to spend a special day called Valentines Day with and share your love. 
LJ: sits thinking hard for such a little guy.... you Mommy!

happy kid conversation mommy son
Couldn't have spent Christmas day any better
It was so much fun to spend the afternoon lazy with my son and get the opportunity to delve a little deeper in a mind that is already like a sea of information! I challenge you to get ready and join the next Kids Behind the Blog! You really won't regret it! 

Shana Danae

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Monday, 1 February 2016

Welcome Back 52 Week Blogger Challenge

Well, hello all my crazy peeps!! It feels so good to be back and have my fingers floating across the keys of my laptop! I cannot even begin to express what it has been like for the last year and a half that I haven't been around.... and I'm not going to!

That's a post for another time though! To just give a quick run down, I'm not going to tell y'all right now where I've been or what I've been doing (or not doing) because it will all come out in time! I'm also not going to explain in detail today how God has impacted our lives over this time and how He has urged me to take this blog in a more direct direction ;-) Because that will also all come out in good time!

I'm also not going to dish every minute of every day about how and where I see us in the future! What I am going to do is tell y'all how much I've missed ya! I'm going to gush about how amazing it feels to sit my feet in the water again and start building my community! I cannot wait to engage with you, interact, and overall.... just talk, hope, pray and dream together!

Last week, I stumbled upon this little 52 Week Blogger Challenge over at Sarah Emily Blogs and I couldn't believe what a perfect way this was to get back in the game! Now, I'm a little late to the show so each week from here on out I will be posting the current week's theme....then sometime later in the week I will back track and do one I missed! I really hope y'all take the chance to pop on over to her and join up in each weeks linky!

Week One: Meet the Blogger
Most of y'all have been around a while (as in even when I wasn't) but hey, lets just get off on the right foot here, okay? My name is Shana Danae and I'm an American citizen immigrant in South Africa. In March this year I'll have been here 7 years.

I am wife to my amazing Hubby and mom to two beautifully handsome boys. Oh and I'm 26 ;-)

This past year and a half has been a whirlwind of ups and downs and major life changes. But I'm so happy to say we are back "home" in our small valley, farming town (known as The Dal on OC {Organized Chaos}). It wasn't an easy or smooth road and I cannot wait to share all of that with you guys!

If y'all didn't know, our hearts breath, eat and sleep "The Dal"

However, for now I've been blessed to be working again! I was offered first a part time job working with my church and shortly after that approached by a farm to extend my administration services in the rest of my daytime hours! It's an ongoing joke right now that both jobs are too little for full day but too much for half day! And it is a wonderful, chaotic ride learning to balance it all!

I am first and foremost a daughter of our Lord and King and my life as well as my families is dedicated and devoted to Him. I still believe in the occasional glass of wine and know our sins show through in more ways than one! I'm determined in life to show you can be a devoted disciple without being perfect and the church is meant for the broken! 

I'm extremely outgoing, love for things to be a certain way, and cannot go without my "lazy time" each week! We spend our free time fishing, camping, swimming, making delish foods, and overall being with each other in the presence of God.   

I hope you stick around a while and get to know me and my family a little more! There is always room in our house for another heart! 

Join us each week at Sarah Emily Blogs!
  I know you'll enjoy us! Let me know if you've joined the challenge in the comments below! I'll make sure to stop by!

Shana Danae

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Monday, 6 October 2014

Daily Routine as a SAHM

Hey peeps! As you’ve probably picked up on my blog, I’m not working at the moment. It’s a long story involving my visa, but that’s for another day! Right now, I’m adjusting to being at home. Unfortunately this means I don’t have daily access to a computer and therefore am not on my blog as much as I’d prefer!

We’ve spoke in the past about morning routines. Today, I’d like to touch on my daily routine again. It was actually harder than I thought to get myself into a routine while at home. I quickly fell into a habit of just wanting to take the day as it came and before I knew it 5 o’clock had come and I hadn’t even started dinner!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Mission Statement Step 1

There comes times in all our lives where we need to evaluate where we are and where we’re going. Sometimes this comes during a situation in which our lives seem to be falling right into place and we happen upon a crossroads. Other times this happens when everything seems to be in utter chaos and we have no idea what direction to move in.

I’m in one of these places now. During this time of trial I’m trying to re-evaluate. One way I’m doing this is to work on my mission statement. What is a mission statement you ask?

There are different forms of mission statements. Some are career focused and identify where you want to be and who you are. They give a company an idea of the person they are hiring. Others are more personalized. They take steps towards showing your personality and where you want to see your life.

This second type is what I’m working on. It is helping me identify what I want out of life. I’m working to identify my accomplishments and how I view success. This aids in presenting a guide of sorts towards my next move.

I came to develop my mission statement through the help of Randall S Hansen’s 5-step Plan. This works us through different stages and eventually allowing you to make a short but precise mission statement.

Today, I want to talk about step 1. Each time I post, I’ll take you a little further into identifying the important parts to creating your mission statement.

Step 1 talks about identifying our past successes. For each person, success is different. For me to truly answer this question, I had to first decide what success meant for me. Success is personal. Money is not success. Status is not success My character is my success and the recognition of whom I am and what I stand for is success! Allowing my life to embody these traits every day is success and carrying my family along is success. Going to bed at night in love, with happy children and a smile on my face is success!

I want you to take time to think and decide what success means to you! After you’ve done this, list 5 of your past success’.

For example purposes my success’ are listed as:

1.      Moving to South Africa: it took courage and required me to step out of my conmfort zone and walk out on a limb. I dreamed about it, worked towards it and jumped.

2.      Giving natural birth: this required a state of mind. It took family support, it took faith in God, and it pushed the limits I had set for my body.

3.      Moving into our own home: strengthened our marriage. It allowed for mistakes but learning as well. It takes patience, dedication and discipline I was not sure we had at the time.

4.      Learning Afrikaans: I am still learning, however, this takes patience. It means I have to be able to put myself out there and be able to laugh at myselt.

5.      Creating my blog: this required me to put myself out there again. It opened up a door for not only understanding but ridicule as well. I stretch my creativity and my openness towards others.

The second part of identifying your successes is to look for a common theme between these. Sometimes there may be more than one theme. Simply you want to see what attribute do all of your accomplishments embody.

For me, they all show me pushing the boundaries I had created for myself and allowing for a sense of creativity in my own decision making. They also show me creating independence and self-realization as well as developing courage I didn’t know I had!

I know it seems like such a simple step but it will open doors to how you see yourself. It will allow a foundation for the upcoming steps!

I would love to hear about your self-accomplishments! Feel free to share them below so we can encourage each other! What is your greatest accomplishment?

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Shana Danae..



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