Monday, 1 September 2014

#30dayMommyChallenge and More!

Organized ChaosI proposed to you as part of my #Commitment2014 focus a #30daychallenge! I am so excited to be bringing you another challenge!

In February, we worked our way through 30 days of planks and eventually achieved a 5 minute plank! I loved the way my abs had felt and have continued to make planks an everyday activity! They are so easy to do...well, anywhere at anytime!

In May we did a 30 day focus on abs again! After that we took a turn and did a 30 day marriage challenge for the month of July!

This #30daychallenge is not meant to be your only form of fitness! The idea is that you incorporate this into your weekly routines to add that extra punch.

If you don’t currently have a normal exercise routine, that’s okay! Use these challenges as a way to begin! Do the challenge...complete it...give it your all and then you’ve created a habit! When the challenge is ending, start planning your new challenge! You will have already created a habit of daily fitness within a certain time frame. So keep with that allotted time. Find a new challenge, grab a workout video, or join a gym! The opportunities are endless!

In the end, we are doing these challenges together! We are building each other up!

In September, I want to propose two challenges! Yes, TWO! I know you guys can do it and so can I! The first one is a push-up challenge! It’s so easy for us to let things slip as the winter months approach and so I want to give us something easy to continue focusing on ourselves and our health! I didn't create this challenge but it is so simple and quick and needed no changing! I hope you enjoy it too! 

The second challenge is a Mommy challenge! I’ve talked before about being an A+ Mommy and how we all know we won’t be perfect! I’m not striving for perfection! I simply want to be the best mommy I can be! I thought with me being home a little more this month, I’d take some time to focus on that!

This challenge is similar to the marriage challenge in that it is a simple task each day to bring it to the front of your mind! Today we start off with asking ourselves “what is one thing I can do with my kids this month?”

For me, the idea is to brainstorm some things, maybe a date with the boys, an activity or anything that is specific to them and something different. Then I want to set a date in the calendar to do this!

What are some ideas you have for something you can do with your kids this month? Let’s share our thoughts and maybe create something new! 

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Shana Danae..


  1. I can't see the pushup photo but I want to join you for that one! Would you mind emailing me the photo?

    1. Hi Christine! So sorry! I'll email the photo right away! Join in any time from day 1!

  2. Good luck on the challenge! Happy to be a co-host with you this month on Wake Up Wednesday!




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