Thursday, 29 May 2014


Organized ChaosI proposed to you as part of my #Commitment2014 focus a #30daychallenge! I am so excited to be bringing you another challenge!

In February, we worked our way through 30 days of planks and eventually achieved a 5 minute plank! I loved the way my abs had felt and have continued to make planks an everyday activity! They are so easy to do...well, anywhere at anytime!

During February, March and April, I was working through my #90daysthroughBible challenge. I took a bit of a dip in May as the chaos of moving and packing and job searching took over every working cell in my brain, but I'm ready to get focused again!

For the month of June, I’m taking us back to abs! Why you ask?

As a mother, my mid section is the area where I find myself struggling the most! I miss my overall toned body....however; the trauma that occurs during pregnancy and labor to our mid-sections seems to be the hardest to heal!

This #30daychallenge is not meant to be your only form of fitness! The idea is that you incorporate this into your weekly routines to add that extra punch.

If you don’t currently have a normal exercise routine, that’s okay! Use these challenges as a way to begin! Do the challenge...complete it...give it your all and then you’ve created a habit! When the challenge is ending, start planning your new challenge! You will have already created a habit of daily fitness within a certain time frame. So keep with that allotted time. Find a new challenge, grab a workout video, or join a gym! The opportunities are endless!

In the end, we are doing these challenges together! We are building each other up!

So, here is the June 2014 #30dayabchallenge Use the hashtags in this post to follow along and chat on Twitter! And leave me comments letting me know you’re joining the challenge so I can help to encourage and motivate you!

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