Friday, 23 May 2014

Lazy Saturday French Toast

One thing my children absolutely love for me to make is French Toast. For them, it’s a common dessert request and basically held in view as good as ice cream.

I don’t mind either. It’s simple and quick to make and I have the necessary ingredients on hand any given day of the week. I want to share my fool proof recipe!

Fool Proof French Toast


2 eggs
2 slices bread
⅛ c milk
½ TSP baking powder

1)      Whisk eggs in square dish until they begin to froth.
2)      Add milk and baking powder and whisk thouroughly.
3)      Add in a little cinnamon ¼ TSP and sugar ½ TSP. Mix well.
4)      Dip each slice of bread in mixture. First on one side then other side.
5)      Fry in a pan with light oil, flipping regularly. This is important. Do NOT leave to cook completely on one side. Flip every 30-45 seconds to ensure even browning on each side.

6)      Lather with butter and syrup and enjoy!

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