Monday, 26 May 2014

5 Tips to Successful Packing

Most of us have experienced a major move at some point or another in our lives. I’ve somewhat been sparred over the years. Yes, I moved to South Africa....with thre
e suitcases; everything else was left behind. And then our family moved from KZN to Limpopo, but as “kids” in the house, our parents handled that one. This is my first MAJOR move as an adult...and with kids!

Along the way, I listened to others give advice. I remembered mistakes from our previous moves (both to a new province and across town). And I had a general idea of what was in my own house! So, I want to share my Top 5 Packing to Move tips!

1)      Start early- I cannot stress this enough. I understand that sometimes you aren’t sure if a move is going to happen. However, I’m talking about you know you’re moving. It doesn’t matter if you know where! I knew we were moving (praying for the end of May) even though we didn’t have a new home yet. I started packing. I started packing away things we can live without for a few weeks (couple months.) Set yourself a goal. Mine was pack one box a night. I didn’t always get it right but it kept me on track!

2)      Work Room for Room- This makes it way easier. If you’re like me, you have the distraction bug. Meaning while I’m cleaning a wall in my bedroom I’ll remember a mark in the lounge and move there to clean. That in return results in me seeing a spill mark on the couch which causes me to check the dirty get the picture. Start in one room...say your bedroom. Take everything off the walls (because you don’t NEED this to live). Then move to the closets. Pack clothes and shoes that are out of season (meaning winter stuff in summer). Continue on like this. Working through the entire house. The goal is that when move week comes all you have left to pack in each room is the necessary daily stuff you use!

3)      Declutter as you go- Oh my...I thought we didn’t have stuff. Seriously, peeps. I thought of us as good people who didn’t shop unnecessarily. But when I started digging through those closets...I got a big reality check! If you haven’t worn it in two years....give it away! If that bedding has sat at the back of the closet for the last year, donate it! Do you keep every memoir from every event....try cutting them down a few! Do you have 4 of the same casserole in different sizes or colors? Is it necessary? Stuff actually means very little. Get rid, donate, pitch, give away...have a yard sale! Just declutter your life. It will make unpacking so much simpler!

4)      Label everything- I cannot stress enough how important it is to label your boxes. You don’t need a detailed list of everything in the box. But make your life easier at the end of the day. Label which boxes go to which rooms. Label the most important boxes that need unpacked first i.e. your glasses and plates for everyday. If you have someone else moving you, I suggest going as far as numbering the boxes. We’ve all heard (or experienced) the stories of lost boxes during a move. Number your boxes for each room and keep a note for yourself. When the move is done you can double check you have everything before opening a single box.

5)      Finally, make a wish list! Often when we are getting rid of things and packing up, you start to realize what you want in a room...what you envision and what you need. Make a wish list. That way when you’re settled on the other’re one step ahead to creating your new space!

Have you made a move lately? What is your top tips and tricks for successful packing?

Remember Proper Planning Prevents Problems!

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Shana Danae..


  1. Having moved almost 2 years ago, your tips resonated loudly with me, especially the 'label everything' suggestion. I think I went crazy looking for the pots! I kept a couple of the moving boxes afterwards too as they made for some very creative play time activities. Visiting you via "WakeUpWednesday" linkup

    1. I took your idea about keeping boxes aside! The boys are loving it! Thank you!

  2. These are great idea's. I'm thinking about moving by September. I don't know though. I'm stopping by from the Wednesday blog hop, I'm a little late. Happy Thursday!

    1. Moving is a huge ordeal and a big jump but if your heart is saying to do it then go for it! Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

  3. We moved from PA to IN and then three years later back to IN. We had a tiny apartment in Philly so we thought we didn't have much stuff. WRONG! We got rid of stuff as we were packing and then when we bought our house a year after moving back to IN, we had a yard sale to get rid of stuff and donated a lot of what didn't sell. We've actually started selling on Facebook yard sale pages and holding an annual yard sale just to make sure to get rid of stuff. Our sale is in a few weeks and half our basement is crammed full of stuff for the sale. I cannot wait to make some extra cash and get rid of stuff!

    1. Yard sales aren't really that big here. I've never actually seen one in 5 years! We literally don't keep things though. Once the kids are too big for clothes or toys we immediately give away. I've really learnt to cut down on our materials! The hardest part is the kitchen! I love cooking and refuse to get rid of anything in my kitchen LOL




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