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Welcome Tammy; The Happy Handicap

about meHey peeps! I want to welcome you to this months You’re a Star sponsor! Tammy has been hanging around my blog for a couple of months now in different spots and I’m so excited to have her being featured at the bottom of each of my posts!

Tammy is an amazing, walking inspiration! Literally! Her story of overcoming a disability at birth and the way Christ has continuously worked in her life to provide miracle after miracle is breathtaking!

Today, Tammy blogs at The HappyHandicap about her life and family, their struggles and their achievements, the beautiful work of Christ and the ministry He has inspired within her. Recently, Tammy has written a book that will evoke every emotion you’re capable of feeling! Her story is one in a million and I feel blessed that she is sharing it!

If this wasn’t enough, Tammy works selling beautiful soaps and gorgeous handmade lanyards to suit any outfit or occasion!

A few of my favorite posts from The Happy Handicap:

5 Miracles in Your Life Right Now- Tammy takes time to point out some often over looked miracles we all have in our lives today.

5 Truths About Blood- This post isn't what you might be thinking and I guarantee it will give you some food for thought!

Healthy and Yummy Breakfast Smoothie- This post grabbed me from the start! It lives up to the expectation!

Without further ado, Meet Tammy:

1) What inspired you to start a blog? Was there a particular blogger that inspired you?
I started a blog to help me adjust to retirement. I left my career due to disability. I needed an outlet for the all the emotions I was feeling. Writing has always been a passion of mine. I enjoy the creative expression I feel while writing. I started the blog writing what I thought were true, funny stories. I think I'd make a good stand-up comedian. Seriously though, I took a poll and moved on to more useful stuff! lol I was inspired by all the fabulous blogs I read before creating one of my own.
2) Do you still blog for the same reasons? If not, why do you continue to blog today? I've overcome retirement and moved on so hopefully my blog has evolved too! I love to write Christian devotionals that I share every week along with gluten-free recipes and whatever else comes into my brain space. I continue to blog because I enjoy making new friends with fellow bloggers. Increasing readership and possibly making a buck is a goal for the blog!
3) What would you tell a new reader about yourself to hook them into your blog? I blog about "real" things. My husband and I have two beautiful daughter, a rocking son-in-law Trey and an amazing granddaughter Lisette. I'm handicapped and my husband is fighting a progressive disease, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. I love to look on the bright side of life through it all.  I also love to read other peoples thoughts and opinions. I welcome ALL comments on my blog. I can talk for hours on interesting topics with good points.

4) What is something most people don't know about you? I can't pass a college algebra class. Failed 3 times! Embarrassing to the 3rd power and....my son-in-law, James Leroy Epperson III better known as Trey is almost a rock star! Check out his up and coming band Crass Mammoth.
5) You recently became a Grandma (CONGRATS), what was the most shocking thing about this experience? Watching my daughter suffer thru 12 hours of natural labor. I had two scheduled c-sections with anesthesia! Knocked out cold.

6) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? I've been to 7 countries and 48 states and as odd as it sounds, the place I would return to right now is Sanibel Island, Florida. We stayed there a month in 2012 for my husband's health. It is 2nd only to Disney World for being the most magical place on earth. 

7) Three things you can't live without....God, family and friends.
8) Coming up on your blog this month....You don't want to miss Mom-ism Mondays. My parents, 77 and 74 wise years of age, say a lot of funny yet sensible things that I don't ever want to forget so I'm blogging them once a week. Wednesdays are reserved for "Whole in my Soul Ministries". I share a devotional (I like to think they're revelations) that I hope uplifts, inspires or lends a bit of help to everyone's situations. The rest of the month I'll throw in some randomness. Oh, folks will surely want to enter our awesome 2014 Fun in the Sun Giveaway! (attached logo of ministry if you can use it someway)

If you’re interested in becoming a Star with Organized Chaos, head on over to my sponsors page! You can email me your details and I’ll gladly get you set up! Don’t see a package that fits your particular needs, that’s okay! Email me about yourself and what you’re looking for and we can create a package just for you!

Check out my highlight sponsor this month!!

The Happy Handicap
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  1. WOW! You really make me feel like a star! You have a talent for writing. Have a great day and thanks so much!




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