Thursday, 13 March 2014

Let Your Face Shine Sponsor Highlights

Hello peeps! Today I wanted to take a moment to introduce to the lovely faces that have been hanging out on my side bar this past month! I have enjoyed getting to know these amazing women and I am sure you will too! 

They each have such a beautiful story to share showing the strength in women each and everyday! Whether talking about parenting styles, working moms, or overcoming what life throws at them....they've got it all! 


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So take a minute, read their story and stop by to tell them hello! (Little their names it takes you straight to their about me pages!)

Meet Holly from Back Home Again

1)    When did you begin blogging and why?
I've actually had a blog in some form since I was in college, so maybe around 2002? Back Home Again was originally Hoosier on the East Coast, which I started in November 2009 to keep our family and friends updated on our adventures in Philly. I changed the name when we moved back to Indiana in March 2011. I'm originally from Indiana, so it's a play on the song Back Home Again in Indiana because I really am back home. 
2)      What inspires your writing the most?
My family mostly. And the "crunchy" scene. Or, as my husband calls it, being earth conscious. 
Back Home Again3)      What did you want to be when growing up?
Many things, a teacher, concert clarinetist, astrogeologist and first woman on Mars...I was ambitious! I'm now an architectural historian and part time musician. 
4)      Coming up on your blog this month?
Not this month, per se, but I will be holding my first ever group giveaway in the beginning of March!

Meet Lindsay from Wedding Rings to Teething Rings

1)    When did you begin blogging and why?
I started blogging in August 2013.  I work part-time and when I'm home with my son, I use blogging as a creative outlet during him nap time.  

2)      What inspires your writing the most?
I'm inspired when I find a solution to something that has frustrated me, or when we find something that facilitates our day that I want to share with others.  Usually, this is organization, DIY projects, and new mom thoughts.
Wedding Rings to Teething Rings
3)      What did you want to be when growing up?
I wanted to work for JCPenny Catalogue.  I had my "office" under the stairs and took orders on my unplugged phone.  

4)      Coming up on your blog this month?
I have some Etsy favorites coming up as well as a really great review and giveaway!  

Meet Debbie from Heartbeats Soul Stains

1)    When did you begin blogging and why?
I set up my blog in October 2013 and started blogging in November 2013.  I decided to start my own blog after following another blog for a few months.  I had been following a family that was going through many struggles in their life.  The one thing I noticed was they were able to use their blog to vent, express and get deep about certain issues.  I thought writing would help me to open up about my own personal struggles.  

2)      What inspires your writing the most?
Other bloggers inspire me the most.  Seeing the dedication and hard work everyone puts into their blogs makes me want to do my best and learn to write the best material I can.  I'm not a writer so I know I will never have that area perfected, but I can continue to learn and do the best I can.  I also use music in the background to get me going.  

3)      What did you want to be when growing up?
Growing up I wanted to be a professional soccer player..... When I realized that wasn't gonna happen I wanted to be a doctor.  

Heartbeats Soul Stains4)      Coming up on your blog this month?
Coming up on my blog this Month is a great question :) I'm not good at planning.  This is an area I am learning from fellow bloggers like Shana.  I plan to continue writing about things that come to mind, about my family life and continue to share some of our struggles.  I believe that sharing what we've been through will help me to conquer the pain I have endured.  I also pray that through my sharing I will be able to help or comfort someone else that has been through similar things.  

1)    When did you begin blogging and why?
I started blogging as The Happy Handicap in 2011 to give people a window into my life. I am handicapped but most importantly, I'm happy! I published my memoir in 2010 "Labeled by Humanity, Loved by God" (Paperback available on the shop tab for $9.14 with free shipping, kindle is $3.14). My blog is an extension of me and the book. The purpose of my blog is to uplift others with food in the three forms: devotionals - food for the soul, recipes - food for the body, humor - food for the mind.  

2)      What inspires your writing the most?
God, family and the depths of my heart. I write a new devotional every Wednesday. You can find them all under the "devotionals" tab. Thank you Shana for helping me get them all in one spot!  I blog what I believe to be good for the whole person - natural remedies, gluten-free food and spiritual encouragement. I want readers to find something useful or something that curves the corners of their mouths to show their teeth! Smiles are infectious and should be shared. Hint. Hint. Wear out those social media buttons. :)

3)      What did you want to be when growing up?
The Happy Handicap Accepted. My childhood was magical. My parents treated me like a princess not  handicapped. I was excited to go to school and had a great time until middle school. I could hide my problem with long pants except for my cute limp swag. I feared I'd never have a serious relationship because of my feet. God worked everything out. I'm married, two children, my first grandchild, 27 years of a highly successful career and now I'm at home enjoying life more than ever. I surely appreciate his gentle nudges in my life. When fear gripped me, he always grasped my stiffened tense shoulders, picked me up and moved me forward. 

4)      Coming up on your blog this month?
 More love, more remedies, more recipes, more humor! I don't really plan a calendar. My writing are  like my personality. I live to be inspired, moved, riveted! If I can't get passionate about it, I can't write it. Look for exciting spontaneous posts laced with heartfelt conviction and compassion.

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  1. Thanks Shana! Checking out the other gals now!

    1. You're so welcome! I hope you find a few new blogs to follow!!

  2. Oh my goodness Shana, I am only now seeing this!!!! Thank you so much, I am touched that you are blessing us all by featuring us :) Have a great week!!!!




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