Thursday, 27 March 2014

Change is a Good Thing

Have I been a little absent lately? I feel like I have! Although, I’m on my blog! It’s like there is so much going on...I’m drowning in it all! Do yall ever feel that way? I’m going to dump a little!

1.       The BIGGEST blog thingy happening in the world of Organized Chaos at the moment is the new design.....and buttons and all! I can’t wait to share what spurred this on...but that deserves a post of it’s own! I promise it will come soon! As for now, I’m updating, redesigning (over and over), looking for that perfect touch, simplifying and all in all....creating a simpler more professional design! I hope I’m achieving that! If you have any questions about it...hit me up with a comment! I work strictly on a blogger hosted sight and I know how difficult the HTML can be here. So....I’d love to answer any of your questions that I can!

2.       I can finally say this in public....Hubby is up for a promotion! I’ve wanted to tell yall for the past week! But I wanted to make sure I spoke with my boss first because this promotion could mean a move! Nothing is certain yet, he is still in the interview stages but it looks promising! I’m not sure how we will handle everything and again....this will need a post of its own to conquer all those emotions!

3.       My sponsors are a little empty for April! This makes my heart sad, but it maybe for a reason! However, if you’re liking what happens here on Organized Chaos and would like the opportunity to work with me; head on over to our Sponsorspage! I love getting to know you better and promote your blog! Even more...the prices are economical (cough*cheap*cough). For $10 you can get TWO months of in-post ad space! That is prime position at the bottom of every single post! There is also a $5 for two month space that gets you right in the middle of my side bar with shout-outs, highlights, and option to participate in a giveaway!

4.       Speaking of know our cash giveaway is about to end! YEP! Only a few more days to get those entries in and stand your chance to win some moolah! So don’t wait any longer! Get in there now!

5.       I don’t really have a number 5 other than that I love each of you and appreciate you reading my little space in the blogosphere! I can’t imagine not doing this and love all your feedback and suggestions! With that....have a great Thursday! 

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