Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A Day In The Life Of

Morning peeps! How are y’all doing? I’m okay. I’m feeling better and refreshed after having been sick last week!

I’ve been seeing a few posts lately about how people spend their days. Now I know y’all have been dying for me to post something along those lines....but seriously, y’all are just nosey! Just kidding just kidding! Everyone else’s days always seem so relaxed compared to mine....I swear I’m like crazy or something!

 But here goes:

4:30 am Wake up and workout (or relaxing yoga if it is a run day)
5:00 am Coffee and devotional time
5:30 am Shower and get ready....typically the boys are waking up during this time so Hubby is also getting up and preparing coffee and tea for the boys. Once I’m dressed I come have coffee, say good mornings, change a nappy and help dress the boys for school.
6:30 am Everyone is showered, dressed, and we are headed out the door.
6:40 am Drop kids at school and grab my ride to work
7:00-5:00 pm Work....I work, blog, day and meal plan during this time ;-) Because I’m really good at multitasking
5:30pm Home....start dinner items, playtime with the boys (get dressed if it is a run day)
6:00 pm Bath time (Hubby and I alternate who baths and does dinner based on if it is a run day!)
6:45 pm Dinner Time
7:00 pm Clean up and play time with the boys
8:00 pm LJ bedtime- we read stories, say prayers and give kisses
8:30 pm Liam bedtime- same routine
9:00 pm Clean kitchen, pack bags, make lunches and spend Hubby/Wifey time together
10:00 pm bedtime

It seems like so little but remember that Hubby and I are out of the house 11 hours a day! We have a lot to fit into the time we are at home....add my running into the picture, Hubby’s fellowship on Thursdays and now he is starting Taekwondo....it makes a very busy schedule!

Plus as hard as I try...I'm not so good with sticking to a schedule. LoL At least once a week, we're stopping by someone for a cup of coffee after work and we have a tendancy to braai on a Wednesday night....

We are just very social people!

How do you spend your days? Share with me! I'd love to get to know you better!

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Shana Danae..

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