Friday, 7 March 2014

Fitness Friday: Are We Coping?

They say it takes 28 days to form a habit but only 1 day to break it. I’m not sure if this is true but sometimes it feels that way. Motivation is a daily exercise in itself. It isn’t something you find once on a poster and it stays with you. You must consistently renew and refresh your motivation. You must seek new inspirations and savor those moments for when the going gets....dark.

If the bull knocks you off, stand back up again.
My first week of getting myself back together went really well! I completed 3 of my four scheduled runs and both of my cross trainings! I was am super stoked about this. But of course....the pit of distress that is the flu decided to attack me on Sunday!

At first I was certain I’d just gone a little too far Saturday (har-har) but as the day wore on, I could feel in my body this was something else. That evening my nausea began and it was downhill from there.
I’m drowning in a sea of medication right now and I’m pretty sure I’m fighting off some kind of pink eye....but we are getting there! Tuesday I hit up the Doc and he laid out this medication that knocks the life right out of me....and that was all she wrote peeps! I didn’t get another run in so far! But I’m not giving up.

I still got in a workout last night focusing on my legs and am hitting the pavement tonight and the weekend to get in a good 3 runs before my week is over! Rain (which we have had everyday....basically all day since Saturday) or sunshine....I will be lacing up peeps!

Am I coping?
Really, I’m enjoying it...but as predicted I’m battling to keep it slow. I want to push myself further but I know I’m going to wear out to quickly. So, right now I’m focused on the build. Tonight’s run will be simple....Walk 10 minutes, Run 12 minutes (run 1 minute walk 1 minute) and then end walking 3 minutes. During those run times I try to regulate my push here.
Since I know I want to push myself....I use those 1 minute intervals to do it. I’ll pick a distance and tell myself to run full out to that point, or vise versa force myself to hold back to a steady jog. And that last run interval, I let it all go....even if I go over that minute time frame. I just push until I hit my goal. My last minute goal is normally a hard sprint to a specific distance once the minute timer goes off or since I know my run routes, when the minute starts I’ll choose a place and not quit until I get there.

So you see, I’m rotating that speed vs distance right now to give myself the variety and push I need. But I can feel myself wanting more. While I was down and out this week (and believe me I was out...a lot!), I still forced myself to do things. OF course, I KNEW I needed to be body was turning itself inside out...but I couldn’t resist.

I’d do some arm curls while watching TV or hit a plank while waiting for the kettle to boil. I loved it. I loved the little bursts I got from these moves.

What is the plan...
Right now I’m focusing on keeping my motivation up and creating time in my schedule.
I always feel guilty that I’m out running instead of with the kids....but that wears off about 30 seconds into the run. I know I need time with them and they need time with me, but I also know I’m teaching them about living healthy by being an example!

Hubby is trying his best to be supportive and he truly is (I know how difficult the kids can be when I’m not around!). This helps tremendously....I just wish I could get him past the supportive into the accountable stage. I want him to ask me what I did in my it felt....did I truly give 100%. I want him to expect me to go run! I guess I just need that other person in my training giving me that edge, ya know?!

For now though, we are staying slow and steady....four runs a week, 2 cross training and a rest/yoga day. I’ll keep finding little ways to push myself during each workout, is what I do!

I’m going to take the time to share healthy recipes, motivational tidbits, and some awesome workouts with yall! Of course this is all a part of #Commitment2014!

As always one of my favorite places for workouts, training tips, and motivation is Women’s Health

How do you push yourself? Do you have little workout uppers? What keeps you motivated?

So please stick around! I’d love to feature you! Are you a runner, health addict, or an amazing woman with an amazing road to a healthier self story? Email me at shanamom2(@) gmail (dot) com to get a featured place in Fitness Friday!

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  1. you go girl! And I hope you feel better! Don't feel bad for not exercising when your sick, just rest and begin when you feel better!




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