Friday, 28 March 2014

Fitness Friday: Why Not You

Today, I'm going to give you a little rant....and yes, it will be little. It won't take much words to say what I need to say!

As a woman...I am tired of hearing "I'll never" I saw it TWICE in one day yesterday on my facebook and even got a similar comment recently on the blog!

I love this quote because it tackles this mind concept right on! As women, we tend to make excuses before we even get started! One excuse I've been hearing SO much lately is "I know I'll never be able to look like that" and usually it is capped off with "So I'm just going for being healthy."

I won't lie....this stops me in my tracks! Why exactly do we say these things? Why do we cut ourselves off at the knees? Why do we put the ladder away before we have climbed to the top?
I understand that there are some people out there with underlying health issues preventing certain aspects of body image...however, this is the minority! Look at these transformations....

Now please tell me why you can't. We blame it on "baby hips", lack of time, not enough money and numerous other excuses. Well, today I want to leave you with this....why not you? Why not? Put everything aside....there is enough resources out there that you don't need a personal trainer! There is time....I work full time and have two toddlers and I can do it! And please, those women up there had hips too and look at them now!

I'm not saying everyone must be skinny! No, healthy is the goal! It is the main goal! But if you say to me "I'd love to look like that" then I'm going to say to you....why not you?? If you say that you wish you could be thin....I'm going to ask why not you?
Not every woman wants "skinny" and that is WONDERFUL! Be who you are. Be happy in your skin. Be healthy. But for all that is fitness....stop telling me you "can't." Because it really makes my skin crawl!
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