Monday, 24 March 2014

Weekend Update and Prayer Request

Hi peeps! So our long weekend is over! I spoke last week about how I really needed to use this weekend to try some different parenting approaches and refocus our family. To be honest, it was a 50/50 weekend! I really worked hard with Lil Mister and the toilet. He did ah-mazing until last night. Of course, he had to bring my spirits down by giving me something to clean!

LJ decided he was cold and spent some time in the warmer! Don't worry it wasn't on!
And I won't lie...the mattresses were in the lounge until Sunday! 
We spent a lot of time just doing....nothing! It was perfect!

At one point I was so tired of them fighting that I sent them both outside and told Lil Mister to figure out how to get along. There was a couple more moans and screams out of them and then it got quiet. I was doing dishes when I noticed it was just....too quiet! I head outside to find them playing perfectly....with the charcoal from the braai! You see the black in my mop bucket and the black on the ground....yep...all charcoal! When I walked up to them I could hear Lil Mister whispering and telling LJ, who was giggling profusely, to shush because Mamma will hear us.

This obviously led to a bath.....
But they were rewarded for their playing nicely together with pannekoek!
 All in all, we did very little but spend time together. We swam, took a bike ride, played....a lot. We took naps in the afternoon when Pappa came home while watching movies and had a braai with just us four. It was....perfection!

In other news, something has come up with Hubby's work. It isn't bad or anything, but I still can't really discuss it yet. Just a possibility for a possibility. That makes no sense. But yea....there are some changes happening....maybe. And we aren't sure how we feel about it or what choices to make (if those choices become options to us). LoL I'm rambling, but the point is that right now we need some prayer support. We need to pray for understanding and pray for strength to follow God's will!

How was your weekend?

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Shana Danae..


  1. Hi Shana, my boys fight so much it drives me crazy. The tattle telling..... yikes. Praying for you and your sweet family

    1. Thanks Debbie! It is actually kind of cute the way LJ calls for Pappa and then just points at Lil Mister and makes sounds like 'OOOooo look what he is doing' Have a great weekend!




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