Saturday, 7 December 2013

Saturday Funny: Lil Mister is Witty

This child is always amazing me and cracks me up on a daily basis. But the best this past week was Monday morning:

I was holding Lil Mister and put him down because frack....he's heavy! He starts moaning that he wants picked back up. I try to show him the marks his pants had left on my arm and say that Mommy has a boo boo from Lil Mister being so heavy.
He grabs my wrist and examines my arm very closely, squinting his eyes to get the best look. He then lets go quickly and says in a very matter of fact tone that Mommy does not have boo boo...Mommy has polka dots!
He missed the marks all together and saw my freckles. He then excitedly exclaims that Papa also has polka dots!

Yes, my son....polka dots!
So thoughtful....
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Shana Danae..

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