Friday, 6 December 2013

What You Missed W49

This was actually a quiet week. I kind of feel like I'm battling a funk.....and it's starting to stink up my mojo! ;-)
Trying to keep my mood up on holiday....I really wanted a nap lol
Hubby is back at work this we
ek and everyone in the house seems to be exhausted. I just don't know why we are so out of whack. But isn't helping with Lil Mister being out of school. We are all out of routine and must just trudge through the muck until January 15th! 

Luckily, Maggy has been great and brought in a friend to play with Lil Mister twice this week! I love that he get to experience children from a different culture and find it so fascinating to watch two kids who don't speak a word of the same language understand each other perfectly! We can learn so much from their ability to adapt!

My job is overwhelming at the moment which might account for a little bit of my silence. Sorry, peeps! But I'm still here and active! Don't worry! ;-) I've seen you! 

My fav's on Twitter: 
"Girls shouldn't be afraid of being tough and glamorous. Strive to be different and break stereotypes."  

We kind of just had this crazy snow storm blow through & drop this much snow in a matter of 5 minutes.…

My fav blog posts: 
 photo WHISPERINGaboutme_zps5412a3eb.pngShane from Whispering Sweet Nothings got honest with us about flaws. I can totally relate to her in this post and love how she can view her flaws in a positive light! She is an inspiration!

Jessica at Living La Vida Holoka gave us some great ideas for a simple Christmas treat! If you don't try this then I feel sorry for you! 

So, here’s a little insight to what you missed this week!

Saturday was another round of Saturday Funny and I was a little naughty! I just couldn't hold back any longer and had to post something about Miley Cyrus...:-/ I loved this girl and am so sad to see the path she is going down. It doesn't mean I don't find humor in the situation too!
I was also happy to bring you a lovely giveaway from Crafty Spices. Who doesn't love some tea and an Amazon gift card

Sunday’s Inspiration was all about hope. Let's face it....we all need it everyday!

Monday was quiet as I joined forces for Social Sunday with some of my favorites! What is your favorite scent?

Tuesday gave us another week of Tuesday Tunes! I hope you enjoyed our ideas for prayer warriors! Casting Crowns brings a good question with this song!

There was also another giveaway! Whoo-hoo!! I love giveaways, especially with Christmas right around the corner! And wouldn't you love to win one of these amazing bags?!?

And it didn't stop there! Have you heard about the #2014BloggerChallenge? It's a great new endeavor by Gaby at Another Girl Blog. Twice a month she will mail you out a topic and then we post on that topic during the first and third weeks of the month! An awesome way to stretch ourselves as bloggers, gain new traffic and meet new friends! Head over to Gaby now...sign ups close on the 9th!

And I ended the night with a $50 Visa Gift Card giveaway! Yep yep peeps! I'm trying to hook you up this December!

Wednesday was still....with just a Wordless Wednesday post! But aren't we adorable? 

After that I was super excited to share with yall the Twitter Hop! As part of my sponsorship with Dawn's Disaster, I'm a co-host for the month of December! What is even better is that if you sign up now for January co-host you can get 50% off! So head over there now and check it out!

Thursday was truly the beginning of the slump. I spoke a little on how I was feeling and gave you some heads up on what to expect for LJ's birthday post!

If you haven’t heard the news already, Organized Chaos is on Instagram! Head over there now and follow me!

Please stick around the weekend for another Saturday Funny and Sunday Inspiration! And as always I love to hear from you! Have you stopped by the Prayer Power page lately? We’ve got some amazing stories in the power of God!

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  1. Thanks for sharing my post, pretty lady! I hope things calm down in work for you!