Friday, 21 December 2012

LJ a birth story part 1

I should really be cleaning my house right now as it is one of those very rare occasions where both my children are sleeping. But, LJ has this innate ability to know the moment I want to accomplish anything that involves cleaning and he wakes up! I swear to you it is like he is secretly linked in and knows that I hate cleaning. If only he realized how much I love a clean house! (Don’t ask how a woman who doesn’t like cleaning wants things clean....I need a maid!)

Also I figure since it is a public holiday, Hubby Dearest will be home just after one today. He can then play with Lil Mister while I accomplish something! He’ll probably want to go fishing in which case I’ll be kicking myself for not doing anything now! ;-)
Oh but the point of this post! ;-)
LJ has officially become a part of our family! He was always a part of it but now he is here! REALLY! I still can’t believe it! He sits in his pram next to me now, sleeping peacefully and I just keep staring. It’s like I’ve never seen a baby before!
And Lil Mister suddenly seems HUGE to me! When I got home from the hospital I just couldn’t believe how big he was! As if he grew overnight!
So, how was it you ask?
Let’s start with Sunday! That was the 9th December. I woke up with this pain in my bum that was unbearable. I made a joke out it the rest of the week saying I had a pain in my ass and it wasn’t Hubby Dearest! Oh please, he isn’t a pain but it was hilarious....the first two or three times I said it. I think the hormones where putting my logic path on repeat because I probably said it 100 times everyday! ;-)
I chalked the whole pain up to a pulled muscle at my stupidity of climbing on and off of our barstools at the house all night Saturday why we had a braai. It would spasm to where I couldn’t even walk. I’m pretty sure everyone at church thought I’d lost my mind!
Monday I got up and decided to take a nap! Don’t laugh, I’m not joking. I woke up at 6 am with Lil Mister and decided right there and then that I would be taking a nap that day! And you know what.....I did! Hehe I finally got off the couch around 2 in the afternoon and cleaned (and I mean superwoman cleaned!) my house before Hubby Dearest got home.

At 5pm when I collected Lil Mister from school, I was back to not being able to walk! I looked like a rabid dog whose leg had been mangled! Besides the fact that I was in my last week of pregnancy and had just cleaned our house from top to bottom in less than 3 hours; I was wearing a shirt of Hubby Dearest and would stand there with my leg pulled up not touching the ground. It’s like the contact between ground and foot sent pains shooting through the left side of my ass! Just take a moment and picture it! Oh!
That evening I told Hubby Dearest that I didn’t think I would make it to Saturday. I’m a friggin’ Nostradamus if you didn’t realize! No actually I think it was more a statement of me willing myself into labor because I was tired of the pain and the only available straight from hell heat we’ve been experiencing in the valley here! (Rain is a rumor here!)
Tuesday I decided to do nothing....again! I went to Ma’s early (okay it was a little after 9 am but that was early!). We spent the entire day sitting at the outside table drinking coffee and chatting. We did manage to take apart the crib that was still at her house! Oh, and we drug out about another entire bukkie load of stuff I needed to bring home! (We’ve been here for 3 weeks and I’m still moving in :-/)
When I got back from collecting Lil Mister at 3 that afternoon I couldn’t even walk into the house! I literally was so hunched over from the pain in my ass that I was almost crawling. Ma lays out a blanket and tells me to lie on my back with my legs over the chair. I lay there while watching Dr. Oz for the first time! Freaking AH-mazing show!
Needless to say I felt completely pathetic. After 30 minutes I do a few laps (walking at a pace a turtle would have passed me!) around the pool. Still in pain! I was begging for labor at this point! I’m pathetic and a wimp...I know. But really, contractions are one kind of pain. This was just an annoying, irritation that was screwing up my whole week!
I should have known what I was getting myself into!
Tuesday night, we were very busy around the house. By the time dinner was done, I was not in the mood or condition to do anything!
Things really hit the fan then. When going to bed it took Hubby Dearest almost 15 minutes to get me there! I was in agony at this stage from this pain. Not a single contraction in 3 days but a dehabilitating muscle spasm.
The adorable part about this was when putting Lil Mister to bed I was in tears. He keeps putting his arm around me and comforting me! He is a gem!
Hubby put a heat pad on me, then ice, then massaged, and repeat. I swear to everything he is the greatest! He even got up with Lil Mister that night because I could barely manage the ten feet walk to our bathroom on time to go let alone get down the hallway to him L Again...pathetic!
Eventually (at about 2am) I fell asleep.
Stay tuned for part two! ;-)

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  1. Wow, you leave the post with such a cliff hanger!! LOL! Just kidding, I think we can all assume what happens in part two. Your husband is definitely a keeper, its a miracle if I get a back rub out of my guy. Oh well. Oh and I'm like you, hate cleaning house because with two crazy boys I feel like I'm cleaning in circles and getting no where. But love the clean house. I feel in disarray when things are not tidy. Bad when you live with three messy boys.




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