Friday, 28 December 2012

LJ a birth story part 2

If you didn't join us for part 1, please jump there now!! Like...RIGHT NOW!
Where were we?? Oh yea...I had fallen asleep.
I slept like a rock! I promise I didn’t move. I didn’t stir. Okay I woke up to wake Hubby up for Lil Mister, but it was a great night of sleep. I woke up not able to believe I’d finally slept so well.

I sat up ready to jump out of bed and then it hit! The first contraction. It was mild but I knew that feeling. I knew that contraction. It was different. It was deep. It was wrapped through my entire middle. This was the real deal.

This was 6:30 in the morning!
Lil Mister took 26 hours from the first contraction so there was no worry in my mind. Mr. P and I had agreed to leave for the hospital at 20 minutes apart or when my waters broke, which ever happened first. So I sent Hubby Dearest off to work and Lil Mister to school.

I proceeded to do a load of laundry and clean up from the previous nights dinner. I also cleaned both bathrooms. (Why? I have no idea. There would be nobody home for 3 days but I wanted to come back to a clean bathroom!) My contractions were between 30 and 45 minutes apart so I figured I was still good on time.
I phoned Ma to let her know.

I showered.
I started cooking a pasta bake for dinner for Ma and everyone since she was taking Lil Mister while I was in hospital!

Eventually I phone Hubby Dearest at about 9 am telling him to come home and phone Ma again to ask her to come over. I begin finalizing my bags and packing for Lil Mister.
My stupid butt was ironing clothes for Hubby Dearest to bring with him.

Still 30 minutes apart.
Then it starts. From out of nowhere the contractions start flying together. I can’t take more than a few steps. I’m sitting. I’m standing. I can barely talk. It never went this fast with Lil Mister.

It was happening so quickly my mind couldn’t keep up with what my body was going through. I know my moods were starting to wean thin and I could feel that I wasn’t coping. This is not at all how I imagined my labor going this time!
We phone Mr. P! He’s there lightening fast. Well, it’s his job. We get the things loaded up and say our goodbyes and I’m in the ambulance. (The hospital is an hour and a half away....had to go by ambulance!)

My contractions are up to about  3 minutes apart. It has been 35 minutes since I told Hubby Dearest to come home! Oh yea, it happened that quickly.
Now for the long drive. I couldn’t even speak. Every question they asked I whispered a response. I joked with Hubby Dearest later that I was so bad in labor with Lil Mister that I was scared it I started speaking I would be screaming!

I focused on breathing and kept telling myself at the beginning of every contraction that it was almost over! It seemed to work and although I thought I was dying I made the ride and got into the hospital without any problems.
We arrived at the hospital at 11:40. When we got there they originally put me in a room with 3 other women. This is where they place you while they wait for your labor to progress. Then they move you to a private delivery room.

Hubby Dearest leaves to go set up my file with the nurses while another nurse comes in to check my status.
She is busy explaining to me that I can only have a small shot now for pain and when I am 5 or 6cm dilated they will give me a spinal if I want it. All I can think is if this is anything like Lil Mister’s labor this will take HOURS!

My original plan was for a completely natural birth again. However, things were progressing so quickly I don’t think my mind was having time to catch up my body. All my processing skills were evaporated by the time we reached the hospital. I immediately asked for relief. When the nurse started going on about waiting until 5cm I began to figure it out. I told her that if I could just have something now to relax me and let my mind cope where I’m at then I’d probably make it through without the spinal.

She does a quick exam and her eyes fly open. I’m talking saucer big! She looks at me and tells me I’m already 6cm and she is calling the other nurses to move me to delivery and get the room set up!
My mind is still ten paces behind us trying to adjust to the fact that I’m already in the hospital and not imagining that I’m in labor. They come to move me. Hubby Dearest is still busy with my file.

I’m transferred to the delivery room and the doctor comes in. Immediately I’m relieved! If you haven’t read the post about my gynae visit you can here! I’ve been so stressed that I wouldn’t like my doctor because my gynae was on leave during this time and only to return the day after my due date! Luckily, the gynae on call was amazing. Relaxed, nice, and a decent sense of humor.
He wasted no time in giving me my spinal and said he’d be back soon to check on me.

I was told that the spinal would remove the pain but I’d still feel the contraction. That I would still know when to push and everything so I decided it would be okay. This labor was progressing so quickly I wasn’t catching up with what was going on. I also figured I felt everything....all OF IT...with Lil Mister and could live knowing that I’d done it once 100% natural!
Hubby Dearest (he got back just before the spinal!) asks how long it should take from here. The nurse says she is positive I’ll give birth before 7pm! I’m thinking in my mind, HELL NO!! NOW!

About 15 minutes after the spinal however I’m trying to tell the nurses I can still feel pain. Yes, it was no longer in my back or hips but the contractions were still painful in my uterus. One nurse says she’ll give me more medicine but it will make me tired. Labor in general is exhausting so that wasn’t a concern. I wasn’t asking for more meds. I was trying to tell them that things are farther than they think!
I had 6 more contractions in the next 20 minutes and finally told Hubby Dearest to go get the nurse. This was at 13:15. Like I said, things were moving FAST!

She walks in with a look on her face that I can already tell she thinks I haven’t got a clue! I explain that I need to in I’m already pushing on every contraction!
She does a quick exam and guess what....I’m fully dialated! Oh much for her prediction. She immediately phones the doctor. She begins getting me ready, you know, putting my legs in those god awful contraptions and such!

Five minutes later in pops the doctor. I’m already pushing through a contraction and he jumps right in. The spinal had taken full affect from my knees down but that was about it. I was thankful for the relief in my hips and back however. They’re right. I could feel when to push though.
After 15 minutes and only about 5 pushes, LJ was here! I couldn’t believe it was over already! Not that I wasn’t so happy but I just was in shock I guess.

So at 13:35 LJ was born. He weighed in at 3.28kg and 53cm. He was the exact same length as Lil Mister but 300g smaller on the dot! Not a problem in sight!
He was quickly cleaned up and then we breastfed! At 3pm they took him for his first bath and got him dressed while I showered.

This was probably the most hilarious part of my pregnancy. Now the spinal had taken full effect. I had to ask Hubby Dearest to move my feel apart because I couldn’t have moved if a fire was taking place! There was nothing from the waist down at this point!
I stood up to go to the bathroom and looked like I was made of jelly. Of course I’m stubborn and managed to go to the bathroom and shower without asking for help! But the getting dressed part was another story! I could barely stand on both legs let alone manage to get pants on.

Once again, Hubby Dearest to the rescue!

All in all it was a wonderful experience. The nurses and doctors were kind, gentle, and patient! Oh...and I got a private room!
LJ has latched beautifully and we’re doing wonderful so far! He feeds every 2 hours except from about 7pm for a few hours he cluster feeds and then sleeps through until 6am. He is a blessing!

Lil Mister is mad about him! Loves him to death. He is patient and understanding and extremely helpful! Gives LJ his dummy and brings me nappies.
Now they sleep, maybe I should too ;-)


  1. Congrats Mama! I think it usually goes faster with the second :) I can't believe he's sleeping so much already, you are one lucky Mama!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I have to say lucky is true at this point!And fast doesn't even begin to describe it! I couldn't believe it!

  2. How sweet. Congratulations. Those were the best times for me - anyway, I am your newest follower from the blog hop weekend.

    Hope you will follow back. Thanks so much.

    1. Yea...I know these are the experiences I'll never forget....and probably not let my boys forget either! Thanks for stopping in!

  3. What a story! Congratulations! I'm only now catching up with the blogs I follow. I can't believe it went so fast for you. Your past experience guided you, but your intuition also played a major role. I'm glad that the medical staff could jump in quickly, and that you got a private room!

  4. I'm also catching up...the kids keep me destracted ;-) Yes, the nurses were exceptional and knowing what to expect helped so much! I won't lie...the ambulance was kind of relaxing too. Just knowing MrP was in control! ;-) but yes best of all...Private Room!! I couldn't believe it and am still praising God for that one!




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