Monday, 26 August 2013

Catching Up

So...I’ve taken a bit of a break. I can’t exactly tell you, it’s not because I don’t trust all of you! It’s simply because I don’t really have a reason. I guess I just got sidetracked.

Life is fluid. It moves, it evolves, it changes and it is constantly taking us with it regardless of whether we want it to or are ready for it to. For the past couple of months, I’ve just been flowing with this wonderful life God has blessed me with.

You want to know what has been going on? I suppose I can let you in on a little bid of it. Only if you promise me you all have been good now!

A few months ago, Hubby Dearest gave his life over to Christ. This has been the most amazing and blessed thing to happen in our family this year! I can not express how proud I am of this unbelievable man and the changes and strides he is making in his own personal life as well as that of our family! God is unstoppable!

It happened when our middle brother came through one weekend to attend a men’s ministry camp he’d gone to the previous year. Hubby Dearest decided he would also attend the camp. The seed had already been planted and Hubby had gone to a Mighty Men’s Ministry meeting a few times on Thursday nights before this. I immediately began praying that this weekend would be a force of change in our marriage and in our family.

The week before the camp, Hubby approached me and expressed to me that he felt “a change of wind” happening in his life and he was ready for it. I was overjoyed. Though I tried to keep myself reined in around him as to not completely make him think I’d lost it!

The weekend came and Hubby was changed. Since then, we’re once again attending church as a FAMILY, he has continued attending his Thursday night men’s group, we’ve started a Sunday night Bible study with friends, and the atmosphere in our family and marriage has completely changed!

Hubby Dearest just before getting baptized!

Does this mean we have eliminated all of our problems? Absolutely not. We continue to face trials...we’re just not alone in it!

Have I mentioned how proud I am of him?? Okay, well more on this later!

In other news, LJ has begun crawling! Yep, at 7 months old that little guy was on the move. 

And nothing could stop him! Within the month, he has moved on to pulling himself into a standing position. He is ready to be chasing after Lil Mister and I don’t doubt for one second it will take long! Oh! And LJ has started speaking! Oh my word!

I don’t actually count their first word until it is a genuine word. For us, Mama and Papa don’t count. I know and remember clearly that Lil Mister said Papa first and then car (which is what I say was his first word!) a little while later. It was quite a ways down the road before he managed Mama. But LJ...well he is staying to his true fashion of a Mama’s boy. He blurts out Mama every chance he gets. Following me around the house while I attempt to control the chaos, “Mama....mama...Maaaaaaammma!” It is absolutely adorable! Yay!

Lil Mister got his second report from school this previous month! Again....proud Mama! He is excelling wonderfully and has taken to the school so well. In addition to his very large vocabulary, he is drawing circles and triangles and knows almost all his shapes. He is great at colors when he focuses and is eager and ready to start playing rugby with the ‘big friends.’

Okay, I think we’ll hold off on the rugby for another year or so!

In addition to my wonderful family, we've been so blessed to welcome additions into some of our closest friends families as well!

Magda Baby Shower
Nicolene Baby Shower

Life has been, well, simple but fluid. We’ve taken many a weekends to just relax and kick a ball around. There have been too many beds made in the living room to count and popcorn and ice cream with a movie is just a perfect Saturday night!

We’ve spent Sunday afternoons by the river with friends. And Friday nights gathered around the braai trying to stay warm.

We’ve worked. We’ve played. We’ve enjoyed every minute of it! 

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What have you been up to while I was away?

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