Thursday, 29 August 2013

TT- Parenting Win

An old photo but one of my favorites!
1. Lil Mister understands the importance of sarcasm and it's appropriate usage. While at camp, one little girl would NOT leave him alone! Endlessly, he told her to just quit. She'd push him, pull on him, grab his clothes or his neck and then all the while tell him he was naughty when he tried to fight back.
Mind you this girl was about 4 years older than him! Seriously people....well, there was an electric fence where the horses were kept. We had gone in with some other parents and kids to see the horses and the little girl was there too. When brought back to the entrance she was told by us and another older sibling not to touch the fence because it will shock you. She smacked her lips and grabbed it....of course, it shocked. Not enough to do any damage...just hurt. What does Lil Mister do?? He actually giggled and rolled his eyes and then looks RIGHT AT HER and says, 'Cuz we didn't say it shock!' Which brings me to my next point....

2. My children understand the importance of standing up for themselves. No, I'm not a teacher of violence and I don't encourage my kids to be mean....but I will not allow them to be bullied either. They must learn to take care of themselves. LJ for instance has always seemed like a slightly soft soul...until the other night. Since crawling he has learnt that the world is full of yumminess and adventure. He rocks at this crawling thing and uses it to his advantage. Lil Mister is forever taking the toys from LJ in the bedroom and moving LJ into the hallway. Last week Thursday, Lil Mister comes out of the bedroom when he hears LJ playing with Lil Mister's bike. LJ quickly crawls at the opportunity, gets into the bedroom and proceeds to sit directly against the door so it cannot open enough for Lil Mister to come in! As Lil Mister tries, LJ laughs....oh sweet revenge.

3. Lil Mister understands the importance of a caffeinated morning beverage. Lil Mister proceeds to wake his father up EVERY.SINGLE.MORNING normally before 6 am by climbing on the bed, shaking his shoulders and loudly exclaiming, "Papa, wake must make coffee!" Mommy score 1!!

4. LJ understands the importance of quiet observation. Oh yes...this one is watchful. Like at bath time...he has quite figured out that while Lil Mister runs quickly to play in the water and bubbles...if he sits back quietly taking in the scene...he will have missed all the teeth brushing habits by the time he arrives at a leisurely pace. He has also realized that if he is quiet he can normally get away with playing in my onions much longer than a loud Lil Mister attempting to sneak his bike in the living room! LJ always waits for Lil Mister to distract us ;-)

5. Lil Mister successfully knows how to 'shift blame.' No people...this is not quite like lying...okay it is but in an adorably cute way. Just as I change topics when my husband asks why I haven't cleaned the bathroom blinds by asking him why he hasn't hung them, or taken out the trash, or put the nail in for the boys bath towels....Lil Mister proudly exclaims that Papa poot every time in was in fact himself.

On a more serious note...
I love my children and take joy each day in the ways their minds are every growing! They continously prove to me just how smart and talented they are. Lil Mister is amazing with manners and continously proves his respect to his elders. He learns quickly and LJ looks up to him in so many ways...but truthfully they can repeat their bedtime prayers and know many Bible stories too yet they prove I'm doing it right...every night simply by telling me 'I love you!'

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