Monday, 16 December 2013

Oh, well Hello there!

I see a lot of new faces around here lately! This means that some of you have totally been following the first two rules of Organized Chaos. 1) Share Organized Chaos and 2) SHARE ORGANIZED CHAOS!

Hehe I’ve probably seen Fight Club a few too many times in my life, but hey, if you know what you like!

But, seriously peeps, I’ve seen a lot of new friends on here and wanted to just take a minute to reintroduce myself. In case you haven’t gone and read my About Me page...then do, before the littles interrupt this post and I begin to ramble on about something that is completely irrelevant. Kind of like the fact that I wanted to eat a yummy grapefruit today because I kept smelling it then I realized that the grapefruit smell I was smelling was in fact....a....grapefruit! Oh yea, people that thing was in my work drawer from yesterday morning! I brought it for breakfast but decided on corn flakes instead and now it was so delicious!

Oh my word! Did you just see what happened? It really is that easy to get me side tracked! goes:

I’m Shana Danae. Nice to meet you! I am a young mom of two wonderful boys, Lil Mister (3 in January!) and LJ (1 year old). I like to talk about them....a lot and love pictures of them too! So be prepared to be bombarded with adorableness...because they are just that cute!
I’m also a wife to Hubby Dearest. We’ll be celebrating our 5 year anniversary next year and cannot wait! We have a pretty sappy/ silly romantic love story about how we met. I’ve wrote about it.

 You can totally read about it too! Guess where?

Yes, but you’re so smart! How’d you know it’d be on my The Boys page? Well, what are you waiting for? Get over there!

I’m a daughter of God and love spending my time in worship with Him. I talk a lot about how to live a life according to His Word. You can check that out in Christian Living! I’m so far from perfect and love that I can share both my scores and my fails with all of you. Christ sure does know how to pick us up! 

I also love praying! I love it so much it is the center point in everything I do. Christ teaches us that through prayer we can move mountains! So, I'd love nothing more than to pray for you! Head over to my Prayer Power page to learn more!

I love life too! I believe that God intended us to love life! There is hardship and heartache but there is unbelievable beauty too! And joy overflows if you just look for it! It starts jumping out at you the moment you truly open your eyes! Coffee, wine, and chocolate are three of the things I’m most grateful for in this world (besides my family of course!). It was all created by Elohim and I’m so-so thankful for it! Oh’ll hear a lot about those 3 worldly graces!

I talk about a lot of things that really don’t have an relevance to one another other than the fact that they are all part of my life! That’s really what this blog is all about. Journaling the things that are important for me and my family.

Ilove running, but can’t seem to figure out how to fit it into my schedule....ever. #FAIL I work full time (7am-5pm) and praise God for blessing us with the amazing nanny we have! We stay pretty busy between working, daily life at home, and all the excitement among our friends.

You’ll find recipes here and possibly some upcoming DIY from the boys’ birthdays! ;-) Excited about that one! You’ll also find out how we are combining two amazingcultures and learning to cope with life in a country so far from your own!

I like to write about the amazing things God is doing in our family and what we are doing to teach our children to be disciples of Christ!

But don’t’ll hear about all the slip ups too. Like the morning I found LJ knee deep in the eggs....or how we had to resort to hot sauce to keep Lil Mister from swearing! We’re human and real and don’t mind sharing it!

 So, I’m so glad to see all of you! I hope you stick around and let me know what you want to see more and/or less of (unless it’s my’ll never see less of them!)

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Peace peeps!

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Shana Danae.

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