Monday, 4 November 2013

Because we're blessed and a Weekend Recap

Hi, peeps! How was your weekend? Lekker I hope! Ours was busy and restful and full of excitement!

Hubby and I hanging out looking at everything we wish we could buy lol
We’ve been so blessed over the last’s actually hard for even us to believe. And sure enough, through consistent prayer to have our lives fall in line with God’s will, we have been assured that we will be going to Durban to visit our Grandparents later this month! God is truly amazing! Finances were a little bit tight and our original plans had fallen through. We were praying hard for God to provide us a way...and if everything goes smoothly, that path has been laid. So...the countdown begins!

11 days and we hit the road!

It has been since almost 4 years since we last saw them. Oupa met Liam 2 years ago when he was just 6 months old but hasn’t seen him since and has never met LJ. Ouma hasn’t met either child! :-/ I can’t wait for this vacation!

In other news....the blessings in our lives continue to flow! God made us wait. He asked us to be patient. He urged us to lean on Him.

It was difficult at times. It required us to lose our pride and lean on friends as well. The 28th of November would have marked 1 year without a car. But....but God knows our greatest needs.

Wednesday the 30th of October, our brother drove through with our new (new to us) car! A very close friend of Hubby’s whom he has gotten close to since giving his life over to God, blessed us with the money to purchase a car!

I have tears in my eyes as I write this. This is truly a story that will need it’s own post, but for now praise God as I look at our beautiful Audi!

And as for the weekend....we spent it at Ma and Pa. It was so nice to see them for the first time in over two months. And of course, because you know I’m terrible....I didn’t get a single picture with them! Boo!

But we did have some other fun! We drove through Friday night and got settled was amazing to feel how our new car did on the road!

Saturday, Hubby and I left LJ with Ma and headed with Lil Mister to a flee market. It was top notch for Lil Mister as we rented one of these cars to drive around in! As he turns the steering wheel, he notices that the front wheels don’t turn. He proceeds to tell Papa to wait and gets out to try and fix the wheels. He then opens the car door turns the wheel and notices it’s still not working. Lil Mister tells us then that the car is broken and we must buy a new one! Meanwhile the wheels don’t turn at all because there are smaller wheels underneath controlling the car! ;-)
I swear he wanted us to take it home with us!
It was great to spend some time with JC and S as we haven’t seen them since Easter when we went to the Hasie Park!
JC, Hubby, and Q

Me and S

Later that evening, Ma and Pa took both boys so Hubby and I could have some time together for the first time since the weddings last year! Q decided it’s be great to treat us to the drifting at the track! It was awesome! Not just anybody can control a car like that!

But to be got freakin’ cold! Ma stays 160km from us and I promise it is still winter where they live!
I'm not sure if he was cold or tired! But I was freezing!
When we got home that night, Ma had done wonderfully with our “very busy” boys....and I found this!
They're so perfect!
Sunday was uneventful as Hubby took some time to work on a switch on the car and the kids just hung out. But I did receive a beautiful gift from bedding for the boys!

All homemade! She is amazing!

How was your weekend?

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Shana Danae..


  1. So much wonderful news in this post! Very happy for you, Shana. Good luck with the new car and have fun on your trip!

  2. Thanks so much Jessica! I love being able to share the wonders God works in ours and other peoples lives!




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