Wednesday, 27 November 2013

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 26 and Day 27

As usual, I'm posting a double gratitude! ;-) Hehe It seems to be becoming the norm around these parts! I just had too much going out yesterday. I felt like I was bombarding yall!

Day 26: Nov 26, 2013

Today I was grateful for amazing friends! We only just got back in town and even with the Nanny back to work this house is a train wreck! I was so lazy these last two weeks before our vacation and then gone for a week coming home and bringing with us a mountain of laundry and disorganization! I can't even tell you how unsastified I am with my house at the moment!
So last night we popped into Lil Mister's school to view his art work for the year and get his final report (which was 100% smiles by the way!). His teacher bragged that he was SO smart and more than ready to move onto the next class. She claims he will excel! (Insert proud Mama brag of choice here)
Afterwards we stopped by for a quick cup of coffee with C & L. As per our usual tendancies....the coffee turned into a braai which turned into a hilarious game which ended up with us home at midnight!
I'm so grateful though because these friends were exactly what I needed to let go! Work has been so stressful these last two days coming back and with the house and trying to get the boys back into routine....I thought I was already loosing my mind! They brought me back down, gave me some amazing laughs and saved me from a night slaving away over food! I don't know what I'd do without them!

Day 27: Nov 27, 2013
Today I am grateful for Google! No joke, peeps!
Our Pa paid some money via the cell phone for us to help with things this holiday season! Thank you to him! But only, we aren't registered with the facility he used to pay the money! We've been trying and battling since Saturday to obtain this money! I broke down and worked Google magic and found out how we can get the money without registering nor having to drive 2 hours to the nearest outlet!
Sometimes I think Google saves my mentality!

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