Monday, 11 November 2013

A Weekend Update: Part 1: A Concert

Oh, you read that right peeps. This weekend update will be coming to you in segments. Why?

Well, firstly because I was a picture taking fool and do not want to bombard you with all of them at once. You must be given the opportunity to appreciate my mediocre photography skills.

And because we were ridiculously busy!

I had said over and over again....that I needed a weekend by the house. A weekend where I don't need to go to the grocery store, and no one was coming over. A weekend where we didn't have plans to go anywhere and that I could focus on the kids and cleaning! started with realizing in the week that C & L were leaving for the Cape early Saturday and would be back while we were on holiday in Durbs. This meant a little more than two weeks before we'd see each other again. Understand....we see each other at least twice a week and talk EVERY.DAY! This was going to be torture.

It was decided they would come over to us for dinner. Well, C's boss invited them to a concert in town that L really wanted to see. C explained to boss that they had plans for dinner and when she told him who it was tickets for Hubby and I!!

So, what did we do....we went to the concert of course! ;-)

LJ was busy from the word go....picnic baskets seemed like nice toys!
But when he got tired, C was there to rock him into Lala land!
Music and all...he slept right through....
Meanwhile, I was taking the time to shower some uninterrupted love on Lil Mister!
He poses so nicely!
Papa got in on the action too! (By the way....we were approaching 11:30 pm at this point!)
And how can we be at an outdoor concert and not dance!
Eventually....a little after got to be too much! Sleep corner for kids!
And we wouldn't be South African if we didn't braai! Do you see that amount of meat?!?

Family Photo Opp...success!
I need to take a moment to show you that I am human. You see....I never drink. Like seriously, I love wine but maybe have a glass every couple of weeks when we braai. Otherwise, I drink a lot of coffee! But Friday night....we were having a good time. And I'm a weakling. 
Seriously peeps, I had two glasses of wine and boss bought us all girls a Brutal Fruit slushy. Two of those and yep....I was feeling it, the next morning! I couldn't believe that so little affected me so bad! Now I remember why I never drink! Oopps!

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Shana Danae..

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  1. Oh sweetie, that sounds like so much fun! So glad that you got to do it and enjoy it with the lil ones. What a completely awesome dance partner! :)




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