Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Weekend Recap: Part 2: Sunday School Picnic

Did I mention that this weekend kicked my cabootie? Well, it did! I did tell yall about the awesome concert we went to Friday night and how much fun we had.

What did I learn? That I can’t consider an easy night a few drinks anymore. And literally, I mean a few....it was too much! Used to, that amount would have never affected me. But it’s true what they say about your tolerance lowering if you aren’t exposed.

I really though I was within boundaries because I’m not a big fan of over doing it. I don’t believe it is right. I believe that God frowns upon it.

However, I misjudged and I paid for it Saturday morning. And believe me...I asked God for his forgiveness immediately. It’s also at the top of my list to remain to my rule of two glasses and finished!

Life does continue and I had reality to accept. Lil Mister and LJ were scheduled for a Sunday School picnic that morning. It began at 10am but Hubby only got off at 11. So we headed there once he was home.

Immediately, I was feeling better! The farm where the picnic was held is so safe and relaxing. Normally, I’m chasing the boys around saying don’t go there and don’t do that for fear something hurts them. But not here!

There was a pool but there were so many people in and around it...I never once worried about the boys. Hubby and I felt more relaxed there than we have in a long time. Just not having to worry!
Unsure about getting in....

The friends trying to talk him into it

Finally braving the deep...

Giggling at the cold!

To say the boys enjoyed themselves....well that is a HUGE understatement!
Someone finally woke up!

They loved watching each other pass!

Making his lil brother laugh!

Playing games....

LJ thought he'd join the big boys for a game of volleyball...

but when they wouldn't let him play...he stole the soccer ball!

Throwing Papa with water...

And someone's got a friend!

Learning to swim!

Lil Mister figured he'd help LJ get the hang of it!

I feel so blessed to have a church that plans functions like this and makes an effort to join parents and children for bonding outside of the church!

The older kids and some adults played games while the rest of us just lounged across the braai area.

The boys swam in the pool, swung on the swings and then jumped on the trampoline. When they started to get warm from jumping, they’d head back to the pool again. It was an endless cycle that wore everyone out!

And the best way to end the afternoon...with ice cream!

I had to get this photo....the grass is stuck in the ice cream on his forehead!!

We then headed home and everyone took a quick nap (seriously, it was like an hour!). But it was just enough to recharge! We decided to throw some pork chops on the braai and have an easy evening at home!

Sunday....Sunday morning brought the rain. Not literally, I wish! No, instead it was raining clean up in our house! As little as we were home Friday and Saturday....our house was a disaster zone. The kids had slept in until about 6:45 (oh....that is totally sleeping in in our house!) and so did Hubby and I.

After getting some breakfast in and getting Hubby off to work, the boys and I began trying to clean up. Well, I tried to clean up....they tore apart another room while I was busy in the kitchen....etc.

Hubby got home at noon and we ate lunch and headed off to Kingdom Builders! I’ve mentioned this church in my Kids ’n Worship series and love when we get the opportunity to go!

The boys had fun running around and Hubby and I got some very meaningful words from the pastor. Sure enough, Satan was busy trying to stop the power of the Holy Spirit. As people were gathering and praying in the Spirit...the rains came.

This time literally! First, the power went out. We opened all the curtains and gathered closer to see and hear each other. When that didn’t stop us from praying, the winds started howling!

The winds were so strong that it was pulling the roof from the walls! Understand this is a refurbished barn, so it isn’t exactly put together like a house. But it was sure scary to see that gap between the two!

Yet, people only prayed stronger and louder! I’m getting goose bumps writing about it! Since that wasn’t working, the hail started. Everyone’s cars are sitting in the open....but not a single person moved. There were even areas inside that the hail was coming in!

Everyone just kept praying. It was beautiful! I felt so blessed to experience the Holy Spirit so firmly!

We got home late Sunday evening and ended the busy weekend by doing nothing!

How was your weekend?

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