Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Durban vacation Part 2: Old Friends, New Laughs, and UShaka

As promised, I'm trying to downsize the posts....I don't think I'm succeeding though!
But seriously, when you see these can you not expect me to post a ton of photos! (And I mean really, peeps, I took like 1000 photos! So don't complain!)

After the amazing beach trip on Saturday, we decided to use Sunday to head to our old stomping grounds! We knew that everyone was working during the we wanted to make sure we saw some old friends!

And we started with two of the most important, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum! LoL We have some amazing and hilarious and occasionally scary memories with these two brothers....but they've always stayed loyal to us and kept in contact! I wouldn't trade our friendship for the world!
We spent some more time at the beach and then headed back to their house to see their parents and have a quick braai!

Bright and early on Monday we were up and headed for UShaka! We'd been promising Lil Mister for months about the aquarium and I think Hubby and I were even more excited than he was! We couldn't wait to see him and LJ's reactions to everything! I have to say it was a huge success!
On the road to UShaka....Lil Mister would barely stay seated!

This one really thought he was in there with the fish!
Dolphins waving goodbye!

Watching the dolphins!
All tuckered out!

Knocked out after the days events!
Cuddle Time!

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