Thursday, 21 November 2013

Two Miracles....a breath taking story!

Hey, peeps! So, it's Thursday today which means I am on day 6 of our vacation! I know I'm enjoying it and getting some much needed relaxation as well as time with the family! Have you been following on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook? I'm sorry if I'm not as active as I'd hoped to be....I'm just living in the moments really! But I promise what I do post is worth it! In the meantime...I'm reliving this moment!
Even though the boys are too small to's nostalgic to me to show them where Momma and Papa got married!
Today I'm so grateful to another blogger who stepped up to offer a guest post for you all! I love receiving guests posts for the blog because it is such a fab way to meet new bloggers and here their stories! And I promise this will soften those hearts! So without further ado...

HI, my name is Melissa and I blog over at Two Miracles. I am so excited to be here guest blogging.
A little background to our family:
               - We found out in January 2009 we were pregnant
               - In February 2009 we found out we were having twins
               - In May of 2009 I delivered (yes super early, 3 months exactly)
               - Brooklynn was 2 pounds 7 ounces and was 13 ¾ inches long and had a 3 month NICU stay
               - Kendall was 1 pound 4 ounces and was 12 ½ inches long and had a year NICU stay.

Our journey started out completely smooth and then I went in to get steroid shot and it went all downhill from there. I got sick and delivered the girls 2 days later. Our older daughter, Kendall was in the hospital for pretty much the first year of her life and has been through 6 surgeries, 3 broken  bones, and several blood transfusions. There are so many things that she has been through that I  myself haven’t been through out of all my 26 years.

I wasn’t sure what exactly was going on and my days were really rough, if it wasn’t for my husband  I am not sure how many walls would have holes, or broken bones I may have. There were a lot of  rough times but we stayed positive and got our daughter through all the necessary things we had to.

This leads me to today, the girls are now 4 in preschool and healthy. Kendall has a few  developmental delays but nothing drastic. I am so happy and grateful for where our lives have gone in the past 4 year and am so grateful for them. They truly are our miracle babies and I tell them all the time.

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