Wednesday, 13 November 2013

30 Days of Gratitude: Days 12 & 13

So sorry my peeps! We missed a day in there! But today, you get a two in one! ;-)

Day 12: Nov 12, 2013
I talked about the Sunday School picnic in my Weekend Recap: Part 2: Sunday School Picninc. And today, I want to say I’m grateful for such a community involved church!

Our church holds this picnic among many other functions throughout the year that are all about deepening the relationships among the families in the church. I feel so blessed when I get to be a part of these events whether a study group, a camping trip or a picnic. I love the memories we are creating and the friendships we are establishing.
Youth playing games

I am grateful that my church is so involved with the children and youth and seeks to uplift and encourage them. I am grateful that children are viewed almost on a pedestal. I mean that they are viewed as precious and never a burden in our church. Most days, we’d honestly be able to say there are more children and youth in our church than adults! Just imagine that over half the church gets up and walks out after worship when the Sunday School is dismissed! ;-)

I’m very grateful! 

Day 13: Nov 13, 2013
Today I am grateful for little reminders!

Liz at According to L shared a beautiful post about the terrible twos and threes! She posted about all the joy during this time even with the many reasons our toddlers are crying!

As I battle through the twos with Lil Mister and look forward into next year, all the while knowing I have LJ to go through it with’s so wonderful and uplifting to be reminded of all the other terrible two survivors!

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  1. The terrible twos (and threes in my case!) are so hard to deal with. But when they are bigger you will (mostly) forget all the tantrums and the ones you don't forget you will look back on and laugh. And you'll wish they were little again. It's definitely a thing to be grateful for. :)

  2. You can do it! My mom had the case of the terrible 7! Me included :p And she survived ;)

    Dropping by from the blog hop! Thanks for joining :)

  3. Our church has the fun community events too, and I am so glad that they do!




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