Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Tagged For Christmas

Dawn from Dawn’s Disaster was tagged in the annual tag run by Lanaya at RaisingReagan. I’m so excited to have been tagged by Dawn this round!

Here are the questions and answers:

1)    What is the one Christmas tradition you cannot live without?
Baking! LoL My Granny’s Bourban balls will always remain in my matter how much practice, I just can’t get them the same. However, I’ve learnt that Amarula works quiet nicely too!

2)    What is the BEST Christmas gift you have ever received?
Luggage! It sounds ridiculous, but my dad bought me luggage the Christmas before I left for South Africa. It was his way of saying I don’t like what you’re doing but I’m going to let you make your own path!

3)    What is the WORST Christmas give you have ever received?
Underwear! No seriously, peeps, the Great G-ma had this thing growing up with buying us underwear. Our parents knew about it but never warned us the first year we were considered old enough by G-ma for this gift. Rather they relished in the embarrassment as we ripped those puppies out in front of the whole family!

4)    Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  Are you finished?
Oh we have definitely started. I only have one gift left to get for LJ. We don’t exchange gifts with each other or the other family. Only the kids.

5)    Who was the hardest to shop for this year?
The kids are definitely difficult. They have absolutely everything already and to make things more complicated their birthdays are so close. LJ is the 12th of December (yep, he turns 1 tomorrow peeps!) and that leaves us 13 days until Christmas. 12 days later after Christmas is Lil Misters birthday! Apparently, Hubby and I don’t have good planning with kids!

6)    Do you decorate your home?
Yes we do! Decorations are quite expensive in South Africa so we are slowly building up our collection. However, we do not decorate until after LJ has his birthday/party. I just feel it isn’t fair to him to mix the holidays together until he is old enough to decide whether it bothers him. We also ensure the tree and decorations are down before Lil Mister’s birthday. Same reasoning. Once they’re old enough...they can make the decisions!

7)    Will you be hosting a Holiday party this year?
Nope! LoL Our friends are all burnt out. We were all on holiday the last couple of weeks in November. C & L went to the Cape and we were in Durban. Last weekend was Mrs. P’s baby shower and this weekend is LJ’s birthday. It is also Hubby’s works year end function! We all agreed next weekend is a no go! No parties. Then it is Christmas. Then we have a camping trip planned for New Years Eve. The weekend after is Lil Misters party and then we have JP party just after that. Then, surprise surprise, Mrs. P is due the 19th January! HAHA so....I think we have enough parties to attend at the moment!

8)    How many Holiday parties will you be attending this season?
Read previous answer....our schedules are booked!

9)    What did you ask Santa for this year?  Were you "nice enough" to get it?
I don’t ask for anything but the ability to make my children happy! We’ll see Christmas morning if we succeeded?

10) What is your favorite Christmas song?

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Now, here are the questions I'm asking to the 10 people I'm tagging:
1) Do you have a special/ sentimental ornament that must go on the tree?
2) Is your tree real or fake? Why?
3) Who puts the star up?
4) Where do you gather for the holidays?
5) What is your favorite Christmas memory growing up?
6) Do you or do you plan to teach your children the real meaning of Christmas?
7) Will you be attending any Christmas presentations (plays, caroling, lights in the park) this season?
8) What is one food that absolutely must be at Christmas dinner?
9) What is your favorite Christmas movie? Just one!
10) Where is your dream Christmas destination? You know, that one holiday that you’d love to spend somewhere different?

 Bloggers I'm tagging:
1.  Lauren @ The Albrechts Blog
2.  Rebecca @ Caravan Sonnet
3.  Chelsea @ Life Unpublished
4. Jennifer @ The Deliberate Mom
5.  Jessica @ Living La Vida Holoka
8. Tammi @ My Organized Chaos
10. Stephanie @ Not Entirely Perfect

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Shana Danae..


  1. I heart you for not celebrating Christmas until after LJ's birthday. As a fellow December baby, it is so frustrating to feel like you're overlooked by everyone because your birthday is so close to Christmas!

  2. Thanks! I'm a July baby and Hubby is June so we really just tried to put ourselves in the kids position and think how we would feel! lol I love Christmas and am serious about teaching them the true meaning! Which means all the extras aren't necessary anyways! They're just nice! ;-)

  3. Aw thanks for tagging me! Now I just really want some bourbon balls... Happy Birthday LJ!!!

  4. My son's birthday is January 5, so we make it special for him too. I hope LJ has a good first birthday today!

  5. I love that you keep the birthdays separate from Christmas. As a person who was born ON Christmas, I always thought it was nice that my parents did my birthday the night before, but was a little sad that it was after church service. Not sad we were going to church, but that I didn't get a DAY of my own. My parents tried to rectify that by celebrating my adoption day, but that is May 26, so it generally lands on or around Memorial Day...yet another holiday to compete with!

    Thank you for playing along, and I hope that your tagees take part, too!

  6. That's so awesome! This year Lil Misters party is on the 4th since his birthday is the 7th! It's all about how we as parents handle it! His birthday was amazing!

  7. Shame Dawn! It didn't work out either way! I hope they still gave you memorable birthdays! And I'm sure they did! Thanks for tagging me! I had fun doing this!

  8. Thanks Stephanie! I know bourbon balls are the best! haha I used to sneak them as a kid when I was still too young to have them lol! ;-)




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