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The BOYS!!!

We're loud, from two different countries (it seems like worlds somedays), are young and wild and free. We're 4 living in a full house! Come check us out and learn what we're up to! Meet the men in my life!! 

Hubby, Penguin, Bren, Papa

Oh, he's sexy and I know it (slightly bobbing my head while I sing that). 
We met in the summer of 2009 while he was working in America. At the time I was planning a trip to South Africa. There was chemistry from day one and 7 months after meeting, I boarded an airplane for SA. 2 months later we were married and the rest is history! He's loud, outgoing, has an amazing accent, turns my world upside down, makes me feel like I'm the only one in the world, an EXCEPTIONAL father, and most of all my best friend (even when we're at heads!!) Hubby loves fishing, camping and a braai any night of the week. He is the backbone in our marriage and home and my constant in life. He has never stopped believing in me and is who continues to encourage me to write more and push forward!

Lil Mister

Born January 2011, Lil Mister is our spirit filled wonder! This child has such a passion for Jesus that it can put many adults in their place! Whether praying, memorizing verses or singing a new song, his days are filled with the Lord! He has a strong personality and knows exactly what he wants in life. Incredibly smart, Lil Mister knows how to please everyone he loves and goes out of his way to do it!
Falling pregnant was the furthest thing from our minds at the time. Hubby Dearest and I had been married 10 months and although someday we wanted children we hadn’t thought a lot about it. I had suffered from some pretty severe ovarian cysts while I was still in the states and between the depo shot and the steroids given during the recovery I was left with some scarring in my uterus. I had been told by the doctor that getting pregnant, although not impossible, was highly unlikely and carrying full term was even more unlikely. Therefore birth control was not a top priority for us. We always figured when the time was right God would choose then to bless us.

When symptom started, somoehow I just new. We bought a test and I jumped out of bed at 5am the next morning to take it. Sure enough my wee didn’t even have time to register and two bright pink lines popped up! I woke up Hubby . He was so excited…not what I expected! I’m thinking are you kidding me!! We have no steady work and are moving a for a third time in two months in the next two weeks!

Yet, just as we’d always said, if God choose to bless us we would accept it. Seeing as we never expected me to get pregnant we had always figured we wouldn’t hinder it. Some may claim that we were ignorant or ill prepared but I believe God knew exactly what he was doing.

We were worried about how the pregnancy would be and I was adamant about getting all the proper blood work and made a doctors appointment EVERY four weeks. I wanted an ultrasound every time and was EXTRA careful during the times where a miscarriage is most likely. All in all I had a very uneventful pregnancy, until birth…but that is another post!

I got a job when I was 12 weeks along and managed to hide the pregnancy from the boss until I was slightly past 6 months. Luckily they were understanding. Hubby also found work within a month of us finally being settled.

Lil Mister joined our lives after a stubborn 28 hours of labour! He was a whopping 3.58kg and 53cm long!

Lil Mister wasn’t planned by us but he was by God. God knew exactly when to allow it to happen and has given us everything we needed throughout the pregnancy and since then. I thank God for him everyday and am blessed to be the mom to this amazing little man. 


After Lil Mister was born I resumed birth control because I had been told that pregnancy was easier the second time. As crazy as it is, I got pregnant a second time! This time I was told that by birth control was ineffective because of how underweight I was! Doctors….sheesh!
 LJ is our adventure child. He is scared of basically nothing and has an amazing talent of undermining any risk involved. He isn't afraid to voice his opinion either. With a big brother and his brother's best friend around 24/7, he learned early on how to stand up for himself.
LJ has a passion for the arts and loves making pictures for us to hang all over the house. Also, surpassing all expectations of milestones at his age, he keeps us on our toes with his never ending array of knowledge. LJ fills our lives with joy and laughter and is definitely our affectionate child. He absolutely loves cuddles, hugs and kisses and I can almost set clockwork to when he decides to climb into our bed each night!
LJ was blessed into our lives in December 2012! You can read all about the birth story here and here.
He's growing like a weed and is learning more and more everyday! I cannot believe how much he watches his brother. The love I see in this child's eyes for Lil Mister is breath taking! 

This was my big boy at two months!!!

I'm blessed and happy! I have two wonderful sons and an amazing husband!

A few differences between my boys....
Lil Mister loved his dummy. He only got rid of it just after LJ was born and that was because he dropped it in the toilet and flushed. I refused to buy a new one! LJ never had interest in a dummy. If you give it to him, he just spits it back out!
Lil Mister wasn't a big fan of his nappy. It is a toweling nappy that we use for spit ups and comfort. I always had it with him but he survived without it. LJ was glued to his. He held on to it for dear life and couldn't sleep without it. He usually held it to his chest and rubbed his face in it!
Lil Mister was bigger at birth by exactly 300g but LJ had surpasses him by far. At the 10 week check up, LJ was a full kilogram larger than Lil Mister was at the same age!
I have successfully made it to 6 months breastfeeding! With Lil Mister I only managed 2 weeks. I was a newbie mom and had no idea about the possibilities.
I am very thankful to the nurses that taught me about supplementing because it is what had kept us going!



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