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Friday, 28 September 2012

Potjie Kos...mmm YUM!!


The South African Way

Being American, South Africa has brought on quite a few changes over the years! Some changes have been horrendous and were not taken lightly or without fighting! However, some changes, such as the introduction to a whole pot full of different cultures foods, have been welcomed with open arms (and mouths!!) I have truly enjoyed the thrill of experiencing true Boere kos (translation is silly but it is Afrikaans traditional foods) like malva pudding, Sunday dinner, braai, and especially POTJIE!! The first time I had potjie I thought it was the worst thing I'd ever tasted! Then again it was made with oxtail (another first for me) and I wasn't so fond of the taste of meats in South Africa at the time! But after a few tries and adjustment, I have learned to love this little bit of tradition!

I thought, in a lovely, sentimental way, I'd share some information about what is potjie kos and why it is so vital that EVERYONE try it!!

Potjie kos comes from around the 17th or 18th centries when the Voortrekkers were settling in South Africa. Although the black tribes had already begun using cast iron pots to cook in after learning from Portugese colonist and Arab traders, it was the Voortrekkers who made it into the tradition it is today. A cast iron pot needs relatively low amounts of coals to maintain heat and any substance that makes coals (charcoal or wood) can be used as the smell of the item burnt does not get into the meat. This made it ideal for cooking while traveling through the country. The concept is that everything is cooked in one pot (translation potjie kos- small pot food). Your meat and what ever vegetables you use are all thrown in and simmered.

It is essential to prepare vegetables and meat ahead of time so that it is ready when needed to be added!!

This sounds easy enough right?? HOWEVER!! South Africans are very particular about their potjie. Firstly, it is not to be stirred! You cook your meat with whatever onion, garlic, and/or herbs you choose in a little bit of oil at the bottom of the pot. That can be stirred to get a brown sauteed effect. After that the vegetables are to be added in layers as the time passes to allow proper cooking. You do NOT stir once adding the vegetables! For instance if you were making an oxtail pot. Your meat is finished and left at the bottom. Next you could add potatoes and carrots because the cook the longest. Then you would add items like pan pans and baby marrow later so they don't cook away!

My hubby ensuring that everything is just right with our pots!!

So the basics....
Start your fire and give it enough time to have the coals ready.
Cook your meat.
Layer your vegetables accordingly. You do not put all the vegetables in at once. Place them in only to allow the necessary cook time.
Add very little water if necessary.
Before serving add sauce and allow to simmer!

Served over rice, bread, samp, or some use pasta!

Again, I know it sounds simple but this is one of those things that takes years of practice to perfect! It is truly a hobby around here! Relate our passion for potjie to the American passion for Chili! We do even have potjie cook offs too!!
You can find great recipes at Potjiekos World

Beef and Vegetable Potjie

1 kg stewing beef
15 ml cooking oil

5 ml salt

Freshly ground black pepper to taste

1 clove garlic (crushed)

2 onions (coarsely chopped)

8-10 baby potatos washed
3 carrots (sliced)

300 g cauliflower florets

4 baby marrows (sliced)

1 punnet mushrooms (sliced)

1 pkt Cream of Mushroom soup

250ml Fresh Cream


Cube or slice meat.
Add garlic and onion and saute until onion is transparent.

Heat oil in potjie and brown meat, then season with salt and pepper.
Add vegetables.

Begin with baby potatos. Allow enough time to begin to get tender. Check with fork.

Add carrots.

Add cauliflower

Add baby marrow and mushrooms.

Ensure that your vegetables do not cook away. Continually check the tenderness of the vegetables!
Cover and simmer for about 1 hours.
10 minutes before serving mix soup and cream and add to pot.

Serve over rice or freshly baked bread.

Other vegetables to corn, broccoli, patty pans, cabbage/ brusselsprouts.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Week 28....

Another week down….12 to go! I still can’t get over how quickly time is going by! I took a few moments over this past weekend to sort through all the baby stuff we still have! I am so glad I kept things like my kangaroo sack, the jolly jumper, and especially the prams and car stools! I began making a list of all the things we still need! So I’ll end the post today with that list….seeing it makes me feel better! Each week I’ll cross off what we’ve managed to acquire!

Total Weight Gain: 14 pounds!

This week, Baby is the size of a: head of califlower!!!

How far along? 28 weeks, 5 das

Due date: 15 Dec 2012

Total weight gain/loss: +1 lb

Maternity clothes? Still just a couple of items but I’m starting to notice that a lot of my clothes are becoming uncomfortable. I’m still too stubborn to shop though!

Sleep: My sleeping would be heaven if Lil Mister will sleep!! hehe

Best moment this week: Realizing I have more prepared than I thought! Makes a huge sigh for me!

Food cravings: Still a lot of salty foods!

Movement: LJ has been a little bit more still the last couple of days but we had some major traveling this weekend so that most likely is why!

Symptoms: Still just the swelling!

Labor Signs: Nothing yet!!

Stretch Marks: nope and we’re working hard to keep it that way!

Swelling? Like I already said (eyes roll…jeeze j/k) A bit in my feet and ankles…I’m starting to retain more water in my legs and arms too!

Belly Button in or out? its definitely almost out.

What I miss: Still running!! Oh and a lot of my clothes!

Feeling toward Pregnancy: Getting more excited but relieved knowing we are pretty prepared!

What I am looking forward to: seeing the adventures of two boys!

Milestones: Nothing as of yet…I read that LJ is developing eyelashes this week!!

News: Making my doctors appointment today for this weekend hopefully! So maybe next week we’ll have some answers about my blood work!


 4-6 Tommy Tippee bottles (I’m not using Liams again)

 Dummy

 Toweling nappies

 Hats

 Bibs

 Socks

 Stage 2 diapers

 Wet wipes** I like to stock up

 Breast pads

 Aqueous cream

 Baby powder

 Baby oil

 Bum cream

 New monitors

 Nipple cream

 Face cloths

 Pharmacy stock (Panado, tissue salts, boscopan, ect)

****Things I’d like to have*****

 New breast pump (mine does the job but isn’t the most comfortable)

 Microwave sterilizer

 2x more blankets

 2x more receiving blankets

 New nappy bag

 2x new towels


 Coming Home Outfit

 2x summer jammies

3-6 MONTHS (this is where I gave a lot of Liams stuff away!)

 12x vests (4 long sleeve)

 4x cotton pants (with feet)

 2x summer jammies

 4-6x T-shirts

 3-5x Rompers

 3-5x Onesies

6-12 MONTHS (this is a season change from winter to summer for us! 3 months in each season)

 2x Winter jammies

 3x summer jammies

 2x jackets

 4x cotton pants

 3x shorts

 2x long sleeves

 6x short sleeves

 12x vests

 2x Rompers

The Sweet and the Sour

OMW!! What a upside-down weekend/week we’ve had in the Scott household! Today is going to be a busy day of posts! So…let’s get crack-a-lackin!

Unfortunately, our dad lost a very close friend/distant relative late last week. It was sudden and took everyone by surprise. Originally we were not going to travel for the funeral. It was 500km from where we live and our mom is another 8 hours away in Durban! Our Ouma had surgery and needed 24/7 care so it was impossible for Ma to leave and attend with us. Therefore, minds made up, condolences sent, and hearts weighing heavy we continued on with our weekend.
Sunday morning comes, Brendon and Pa go fishing, they come home and now have decided they want to attend. Actually, all the boys want to go! Okay, I completely understand. The boys of the house must go, represent our family, and Shana and Lil Mister will remain behind and make arrangements for work and school…right? NOPE! Big fat, in your face, not ever going to happen NO! My husband refuses to go without me. It will be inappropriate for me not to attend. Wait…isn’t pregnancy and a toddler a good enough reason that I NEED to remain at home let alone the fact that I’m already -3 days leave at work!! After a few hours of debate and slight argument, I am rallied into going. It is 5pm Sunday night, I talk with work and explain I will not be back until Thursday and we are off to packing. And by “we” I mean, I’m packing and cleaning up while the boys watch TV….grr.

So there are a couple of upsides to this entire situation, I just only wish they’d been able to come about without missing more work at a vulnerable time and without the loss of a loved one. It brings me back to so many dark places in the roads that life travels. Life never ceases to amaze me in the merging of joy and sorrows. I look to the events that have cast shadows so deep that it seemed to black out the sun at times. It grieves my heart to see others struggling down a road so familiar to my past. I thank God that He has spared me for some part during these past 3 ½ years in South Africa. He has blessed my life in many ways and not forced me to face loss as I did back home in the States. I knew this could not last forever but I am thankful for the time of peace in my soul that I’ve been given.

So there we are, 9 am Monday morning, loaded into the bukkie and off for our 5 hour drive! I have to say that Lil Mister was EXTREMELY well behaved. I couldn’t believe it. The 3 hours it took us to get to the other side of Johannesburg he rode with Daddy and Oom Vincent in the back of the bukkie. He played, ate, and talked their ears off by pointing out EVERY truck, boat, and airplane that was seen. Not to mention the frequent screams at the sight of a cow or tractor! This was all very exciting and very jubilant and such resulted in the last 1 ½ of the drive to be nap time!

We arrive and meet up with Oom Quintin for the last leg of our journey and thus transfer Mommy, Daddy, Oom Vincent, and Liam into the car. This was a relief of a transition for Mommy. A blog on how against children riding in vehicles without being in the proper seating (i.e. carstools!) is enough for a week worth of posts. So we will leave it at the fact that this beginning 3 hour drive was Mommy’s BIGGEST point for not going. I obviously lost to the under concerned logic of the male dominance in my house…grr.

Lil Mister put up quite a battle at the newly appointed car stool. He has always ridden in it but the freedom of the fresh air and roaming plains of the bukkie had gotten into his little head. Now he assumed he was big enough to ride without it! Mommy resulted to the ‘crying it out’ method and Oom Vincent turned up the music. 30 minutes later….pure bliss. SILENCE (I kill you in my Achmed voice)! The final stretch from Johannesburg to Virginia resulted in sleep for Mommy, sleep for Lil Mister, and God only knows what conversations young adult males have while such wife sleeps in the backseat!

I'm not the biggest fan of backseats!

We arrived in Virginia and quite to my surprise this meant a lot of stops! Brendon was born in Welkom which is basically right next door and Quintin in Virginia. I saw just about every house they lived in while they were there. Hubby was thrilled to point out his primary and high schools and where he ran for sports! I heard stories about the damage 3 brothers can cause in a town and met multiple family friends over the years! Despite my exhaustion at being in a car for this long at 28 weeks, I was delighted that Hubby dearest was finally able to show me his roots! I know it meant a lot to him!

He always manages to have a good time!

Yet, I was shocked at what I saw in the Free State! I had heard many rumors about how dry, boring, plain, and flat it was therefore I wasn’t prepared for the homesickness it would bring to my heart! That’s right, I said it! This place had me longing for the plains of dear old Illinois! The land looked so much like it does back home. Yes there are differences such as the Meer cats we saw, but overall it was just like being home. Farm land. Not citrus and grapes but genuine old school farms with the cows wandering in their part grazing and the little farm house set up on a hill! My heart cried out with pain and joy!

Say what you want but I think it is beautiful!!

The next couple of days were busy with meeting people, attending the funeral and driving through to Bloemfontein where I finally met Pa’s side of the family! More on that later……


Friday, 21 September 2012

Just Embrace It...

I saw this when I logged in today on The Great Mum Adventure! I had to join in and give it a go! I think there are too many of us who can relate in too many ways to this one!

Living in a country that is not my own, in a culture that I never imagined could be so different, with people who can sometimes be very serious about their opinions (such as on things like cloth diapering, breastfeeding, social etiquette...ect) is beyond what I consider a challenge! But I’m busting it out everyday and love it when someone else agrees that I am allowed to (and still just as good a mom!) raise MY children in MY way!

This is my list as to why I am a “crap-tastic” mom!! (I’m positive it will grow in so many beautiful ways when LJ enters our world of chaos!)

1. I sometimes let Lil Mister watch Noddy at 8pm if it means he’ll sit quietly while I do dishes :-/

2. I co-slept co-sleep with Liam.

3. I couldn’t breastfeed and after months of irritated formula I put Liam over to cows milk at 11 months!

4. I made my own baby food…and ate it sometimes!!

5. I will NOT circumsize!

6. My mother-in-law cooks dinner most nights before I’m home from work and I love her for it!!

7. Kisses and hugs are a constant part of our day!!

8. Lil Mister sometimes gets cookies before breakfast on a Saturday!

9. We have issues putting Lil Mister in a car seat all the time….grr I hate this one but yea.

10. I vow we’re going to the park every weekend…but sometimes we don’t

11. I am a disposable diaper mommy.

12. Which is part of why I want Lil Mister potty trained before or just after LJ gets here. I’m not so big on the whole two in nappy thing!

13. We aren’t strict with routine…our idea of routine is did he eat something at some point for dinner that was relatively decent, did he bath at some time in the evening, and how tired is he decides when he climbs in bed. Most nights he comes to us and says let’s dudu!

14. We dance…even if that means I dance with him to get him to sleep!

15. We go to church on Sundays and pray at dinner and at bed….everyday!

16. I bribe with candy and treats (left this one on here as it is so true for me too!!)

17. Sometimes Lil Mister doesn’t bath if we are at a friends in the evening :-/ Instead Mommy and Lil Mister bath together in the morning!

18. Sometimes Lil Mister gets two-minute noodles on a Friday night for dinner…He LOVES this!

19. He will eat cheese with every meal, EVERYDAY, and sometimes I let him!

20. I get angry and yell sometimes….I always apologize.

21. We have biting issues….we’re working on this!

22. Lil Mister some nights falls asleep in the lounge in Daddy’s lap.

23. He is 20 months old and still drinks about a liter of milk a day! I’m ok with this as he still eats his meals!

24. Having battled with respiratory issues with Liam since he was an infant, I am a sucker when he is sick and spoil him rotten!

25. Lil Mister gets a treat every time we go to the shops if he is good…He knows this! He is also very good at picking out ONLY one thing!

26. Lil Mister has seen Daddy and Mommy argue. I’m not proud but heck we’re human! One day he’ll be old enough for us to explain.

27. I believe laughter is the solution. If nothing else works, I make my child laugh. We both smile and feel better afterwards.

28. I’m a planner, but I live in the moment. If things aren’t as planned it will be okay as long as Lil Mister and I and Daddy enjoy it!

29. I’m a tattooed and pierced Mommy and I don’t hide this from my child.

30. I raise my child children to understand that RIGHT NOW is the only thing we’re promised so we must live it out in laughter, joy, glory to GOD, and family!

31. I speak Afrikaans to Liam when he doesn’t listen in English even though I’m not good at it!!

Despite all my down falls, Lil Mister has wonderful manners, always says please and thank you and apologizes if he knows he has hurt you or done something wrong. He is bi-lingual and I’ve learnt so much of my husband’s language through him! He eats well, doesn’t really snack on junk (prefers yogurt and fruit!) and is quite intelligent. I AM A PROUD, MUSHY, IN THE MOMENT MOMMY!! I’M A CRAP-TASTIC MOMMY and my childs LAUGH and SMILE prove it to me everyday!

You don't like it...don't agree with it...JUST EMBRACE IT!!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Week 27!!

So I’m entering the third trimester! I can’t believe it! This pregnancy has flown by! Maybe it is because Lil Mister keeps me so busy and focused or it could be my job is completely absorbing. I don’t know but I’m not as stressed as I thought I’d be. I’ve definitely done much less to prepare for LJ than I did with Liam. However, we don’t need as much. Bedding and clothes we have as well as blankets and such. I am focused on getting 3-6 month old things, toweling nappies (for spit ups!), getting my monitors fixed, and stocking up on bath stuff and nappies! Otherwise it is Ready, Set, GO!!! (Oh, and our best friends had their baby boy Jayden Tuesday morning!! SO exciting!)

Total Weight Gain: 13 pounds!

This week, Baby is the size of a: head of califlower!!!

How far along? 27 weeks, 5 days

Due date: 15 Dec 2012

Total weight gain/loss: +1 lb

Maternity clothes? Not really…Just using belly bands so I don’t have to button my pants but they all still zip!!

Sleep: The only thing waking me up is our toddler!!

Best moment this week: Lil Mister is getting used to the “idea” of baby in Mommy’s tummy. This week he has started kissing “baby” goodnight! Hehe love it! However he still makes a point to tell everyone 'myne mamma'

Food cravings: nothing severe…just salty foods

Movement: It feels like he is playing a rodeo in there!

Symptoms: not really…this has been a fairly easy pregnancy. Slight swelling in my feet and ankels

Labor Signs: not at all!! Then again I only knew with Lil Mister when I got the first contraction...little bugger never dropped until then!

Stretch Marks: nope and we’re working hard to keep it that way!

Swelling? My feet are the size of an elephants today!! OMW I couldn't even wear the sandals I wanted to....GRR!! What am I ever going to find to wear to a wedding at 7 months pregnant? I think I'm free Blubber now!
Belly Button in or out? its definitely almost out.

What I miss: Running!! Oh and wine ;-)

Feeling toward Pregnancy: Anxious about how Liam is going to take sharing me…excited to meet a new life!

What I am looking forward to: seeing the adventures of two boys!

Milestones: I haven’t killed anyone…oh wait no umm…nothing major this week!

News: waiting on results from my blood tests last week at the doctor. Hopefully we will be able to get some answers to my weight problems (or lack there of….being this thin isn’t as nice as people make it seem to be!)

Pregnancy...round 2!

I thought I’d begin tracking my pregnancy a little bit. I know “everyone” (sighs and rolls eyes) does this BUT moms around the world will be able to relate in saying that it really does take up every part of your life! While you’re pregnant, you are pregnant all the time, everywhere you go and while doing everything. It causes stress, excitement, conversations, and tons of reflection! Then afterwards you are suddenly MOM and that you are also 24/7 regardless of whether you are with your kids, at work, or enjoying some quiet time (yea, that only happens in our day dreams ;-]). So read along, enjoy my sarcasm, and have some fun! Today will be a double post! ;-)

Age? 23

Pre-Pregnancy weight? 99 lbs

Current weight? 115 lbs

Goal weight at full term? 143 lbs

Is this your first pregnancy? Nope…second!!

Due date? 15 December 2012

Do you like being pregnant? I enjoy my pregnancies but have decided two is enough for me! I think I'd go clinically insane (even if considering!!) doing this a third time! Power to all the moms out there who do it!

Have you had any morning sickness? No not at all....let's get real here! I won't sugar coat this one like oh I'm so great at being pregnant! I hate, HATE, getting sick. I'd rather lay in bed nauseous however this pregnancy was toilet heaven haven for nearly 10 weeks! Everyday, all day nauseousness and 5-6 times a day with my head on the toilet...I carried a lot of sanitary wipes with me!! It finally eased up around 20 weeks but let me tell you it, it comes back with a vengance on somedays...makes me wonder WTH did I do now?!?
Any mood swings? Not near as bad as with Liam! hehe

Do you feel you have a stronger sense of smell? Not at all

Have any swelling? A little bit in my feet in the evenings
Have you had any aches or pains yet? Just Charlie horses :-/ grr…but pharmacy recommended I take magnesium in the evenings before bed and so far 5 days no pain!

Maternity wear? I bought a couple of belly bands to allow my jeans to sit unbuttoned and two shirts that I can still wear after pregnancy. Otherwise, nope still in my normal clothes!
Have you bought anything for baby yet? I’ve covered most of the basics between friends giving me stuff, what I had from Liam and a few purchases! I’m more worried about the 3-6 month stage because that is when I gave most of Liams clothes away!

Are you excited? Yes and nervous about introducing another baby to Liam


Are you with the baby's father? Of course!!

Type of relationship? Been married a little over 3 years!

Your pregnancy so far

When did you find out you were pregnant? April 27, 2012

Who was with you? I was alone in the bathroom! It was an unexpected pregnancy and I hadn’t even told hubby that I thought I might be!

Were you trying to get pregnant? Definitely not…we were pretty no more kids at that point! But God has other plans!

Do you have a guess when and where your baby was conceived? Haha no!

How far along were you when you found out? 7 weeks

What kind of pregnancy test did you take? Don’t know…some pharmacy brand lol

How many tests did you take? Just one…the only time I’ve ever shown positive was when I was pregnant with Liam so I figured it’d be right!

What was your first reaction? Shock…fear…then cried because as I came out the bathroom hubby had returned home from the shops!

What was your partner's first reaction? “What’s wrong?” (I was crying) “No don’t cry. It’s okay. That’s wonderful!”

Who did you tell first? Hubby, then his immediate family and mine

What were your parent's reaction? Are you guys crazy?

Would you ever consider having an abortion? Never
Who is you doctor? The gynae is so busy here I have booked an appointment but will only see him for the first time 6 weeks before LJ is due :-/ so for now I’m at my GP.

How far along were you at your first doctor appointment? 7 weeks…we went the next day for confirmation for our medical aid

Have you heard the baby's heartbeat? Not with LJ….

Have you had any ultrasounds? 3

Will you have any 3D/4D ultrasounds? I’ve wanted to but my appointment is so late in my pregnancy I don’t know if I can.

Have you had any complications with this pregnancy? None whatsoever. A completely healthy baby!

Are you high risk? Nope

Girl, boy, or surprise? Another boy!!

Have you picked out any names yet? Leon-John William Scott

What is something you eat almost everyday? Not at all

Do you have any pregnant friends? My friend gave birth today!!

Have you felt any movement yet? Oh yea…he is a wiggle worm!

Has your partner felt any movement yet? Yes, but he wasn’t as excited as with Liam. I think the novelty wore off a little bit.

Do you or your partner talk to baby? All the time

When did you really start to show? Around 12 weeks. I couldn’t believe it because I was so small with Liam and this time I feel like I’m already as big as I was at full term!

Have any stretch marks? Nope!

How well have you been sleeping? Any strange dreams? I had some nightmares in the beginning but now nothing. If it wasn’t for Liam waking up in the middle of the night I’d be in a coma every night!

Have you had any braxton-hicks contractions yet? A few slight ones but nothing major.

Any baby shower plans? I’m not sure…would like to!

What was the first thing bought for baby? Vests and a receiving blanket and romper. Very practical…again I think the second one brings more reality! (The shoes look cute but they’re never going to wear them!)

Are you going to take any birthing classes? Umm…I’m pretty sure 26 hours of a non-medicated completely natural birth was class enough!

Are you reading any pregnancy, baby, childcare books? Not this time around…I got my fill with Liam!

Has anyone said anything unusual to you since you've been pregnant? Just asked what were we thinking having another child now…oh and that we’re brave (haha Liam will be two years 3 weeks after LJ is born)

What is the best part about being pregnant? Knowing that our family is growing and that we have another child to pour our love and God’s love into. And the idea that Liam will have a friend now (my hubby and his brothers are the same ages apart and are great friends…fight like brothers but still close)

What is the worst part? Having had to stop training and switch to more low impact workouts…scared I’ll have lost my umph!

What are you most nervous about? Liam’s reactions!

Birth Plans

At home or at a hospital? Hospital

Vaginal or C-section? Vaginal, if everything goes according to plan.

Natural or medicated? Natural…I’ll consider a low pain reliever if I’m in labor very long but my doctor has informed me he will NOT allow me to be in labor as long as last time.

Will you be induced? Not if I can help it. But we really want LJ born on his due date as it is a big family birthday….so maybe.

Who will be in the delivery room with you? Just Brendon. Ouma is staying home with Liam this time.

What couple of things will you be sure to have with you? Phone, lots of water, and something to read

What do you think will annoy you during labor? Last time it was comments from the nurses. I wanted to scream shut up and do your job!

Are you going to take pictures? Just afterwards

Will dad cut the cord? No…it creeps him out!

Are you scared? Not this time.

When the baby is here

What is the baby\'s coming home outfit? A friend is knitting an outfit

Will you come home as soon as you can? Oh yes. If I can it will be same day.

What is the best thing about coming home? Getting into routine.

What is the nursery's theme? Nautical

Will you breastfeed or formula feed? I’m going to express milk

Will you co-sleep? I always say no and then it ends up happening anyways…I think we’ll need a bigger bed because Liam still tends to venture into us around 4 am!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Left Behind- WW

It’s the middle of the week and that brings me to Worship Wednesday! Cliché, I know right? Yet, it is so, so important!
Worship is a center point in my relationship with God. So often it is in the midst of worship that I feel His presence the strongest and here His voice the loudest. It brings me back into a humble position before His feet. There are so many ways to worship the Lord, yet song is often the manner which frequents our minds. However, spending quiet time accepting His Spirit into my heart is another form of worship. Being still before Him is often very vital. I firmly believe we should spend our days in prayer, yet it is those moments in which we submerse ourselves in the Lord, maintain His presence, and give back all the glory in which He is due, that we are truly fulfilled.
Pray without ceasing…                    1 Thessalonians 5:17
This week my worship caught me a little off guard. I’ve been reading the Left Behind series. For anyone who has not read these books, regardless of it you’ve watched the movie, I urge you to go get yourself a copy! They are absolutely heart moving. I can’t but help fearing for what these characters are going through. As a believer in a pre-tribulation rapture, these books are not only helping me to understand how events will take place but also putting it into perspective how terrible it will be!
Please don’t misunderstand me here. I am not one of those fanatics, shouting from roof tops that the end is near. I just believe that we should live everyday as if Christ could show up in the next 5 minutes! As I read these books I find my soul crying out to the Lord. I feign for more in my relationship with Him. I desire to be closer. I don’t want to be left behind…I don’t want to see my loved ones either. It is more than this though. The main characters in this series experience a hunger, a drive, and a passion for Christ because of KNOWING what they’ve missed all these years. I don’t want to wake up one day when I’m 70 having lived an okay life and realized how much better it could have been if only I’d gotten my relationship with God right from the word “go.”
My heart is longing for that hunger that these characters are experiencing. The strength to stand in the face of Satan and not tremble. I want the blessings the Lord has promised over my life. I want to shout His glories from everywhere!
‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity, to give you a future and hope.’ Jeremiah 29:11
How could I have been missing it for so long? God wants my life to be filled with JOY! He wants my children to be provided for just as HE provides for me! He wants my life to be MIRACULOUS!
As I sit down for my worship today, I realize I want more. I want to be overflowing with comfort in God. I want an eye to eye, heart to heart talk with Him. So, please, join me on Wednesdays for a short break for WORSHIP! Read along as my relationship grows closer to God and enjoy all the blessings He has prepared for our lives!
Check out this amazing video of Casting Crowns-Glorious Day!
It's my theme for where my heart is forcused today!!

Never hesitate to pour your love out to the LORD...for He has never failed to deliver His!!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Not exactly as planned....

The boys in the house (meaning Hubby, Pa and BIL Quintin) have been planning this past Saturday’s fishing extravaganza since June. There are (were) two fishing competitions this month. One last weekend and again at the end of the month (add to that a trip to friends before baby, a hen/rump party this month and two weddings in October you get one already tired momma!)
Friday night at 7:30 Hubby decides to suggest that Liam and I go along for the day! Instead of leaving at 2 or 3 am like planned to head out, we would leave together at 6:30 am. Pa and Quintin would still leave early. It took a lot of internal debate to consider being out of the house at 6:30 on a Saturday but heck Liam is going to be awake at 5am anyways so why not!
After much running around the house, multiple trips to the bukkie to load everything, and excited/frantic double checks of all my “lists” we were loaded up and headed for the dam and 6:40 (not bad in my opinion!)
Liam loved it the moment we got there! Along the way we pass multiple 18-wheelers at which everyone of them receives a deafening, top of the lung scream “TRUCK!” Then we drive past a field full of cows which is deemed another necessary moment for the insights of a 20 month old. He feels desperately urged to inform me, “Momma, noo-noos!” This is said in a very sincere way as to make sure I understood what we were looking at!
As we come around the mountains and the dam is in view Liam is standing completely upright and jumping excitedly at all of the boats. Yes I agree there were many of them! Anything that moves is top notch in Liam’s book!
We finally arrive at the water! The morning was crisp but seemed like the day was going to be okay. Liam is in high-heaven! I’m stretched out in a chair with my book in hand ready to enjoy a relaxing day and watch my son exhaust himself!

He kindly was letting Mommy know that the inside of the egg was not nice to eat!!

Mommy's little boy isn't so little anymore!

Daddy and Tannie Des coming in from the water!
Wouldn’t you know it, the weather turns TERRIBLE! The wind starts picking up and the clouds roll in. Within two hours of being there I’ve layered Liam in just about every article of clothing I’d packed (which was summer clothing mostly!) and he is asleep on my lap under a blanket. Brendon and I decide to drive the 30 minutes home quickly and grab some more warm clothes (for us too) and come back. As we get into town, Pa phones to say it is absolutely freezing there by the water.
That sealed the deal and now we arrive at home and unload all of me and Liam’s things as I prepare to spend a Saturday at home….boo! The day turned out somewhat productive. Sorted out more boxes from when we moved (a month ago!) and cleaned Liam’s room. We watched DvDs and were able to play outside for a little while!
Unfortunately the boys came home empty handed that afternoon. But they enjoyed it! So that is a definite plus in our books! We load up again and head for the ovals. It is a race weekend and dear Hubby must work there as cars ALWAYS end up needing towed off the track! Another plus for Liam as again we’re going to things that move! The weather had improved dramatically and this time I dressed him better ;-)

We leave a little over an hour before it ends as Liam is well exhausted now! As we drive out, Liam waves and calls “Bye bye tractor” to the poor tractor that wets the track!
The day wasn’t as planned…there was no lounging in the sun…no letting Liam run wild in the free open space…and no afternoon naps for this pregnant momma but again my family never fails to put a smile on my face!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Getting Down and Dirty

I've spent the entire week prepping and planning.
I've got all my ducks in a row.
I've laid it out on paper.
I've scrutinized every detail.

I'm so far from ready!!
Next week will begin my official posts....
I will be writing, scheduling, and posting like mad
about all the things that make my day tick
as well as working full time, surviving a toddler and a pregnancy
keeping my marriage...HOTT ;-)

hehe I hope everyone is ready
and that you start following me now!

Enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

New To This I'm new to this world of blog...
I have a lot on my mind and thought it would be great to connect
around the world
with other families (aka MOMS) who know the ropes!

We'll see how it goes...
hopefully you can relate!
And please oh please give me some advice!


"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." -Mae West



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