Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Yesterday we had to drive a few hours to submit the application to renew my visa.

This is a post in and of itself....for another day.
Instead, I wanted to post today about something that literally caught me off guard and shocked me.
This photo....

This is a photo I took of a tribute to all of the farm deaths that have happened in our area. Just our area...not the entire country!

The Plaasmoorde is 'n Werklikheid facebook page tells us:
More farmers have died in South Africa over the past 16 years in farm murders, than the total number of farmers during the former Mau Mau uprising in Kenya and the wars in Mozambique, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), Angola and South West Africa (Namibia) combined!
This is a very scary thought.
Truth be told I don't understand the politics of it all, but it goes back to Apartheid times and the since changing and shaky government.
There are reforms made that the black populations of this nation have the right to take back land from current owners based on evidence that their ancestor had owned that land.
Basically this means that if a man shows up and proves in some way that his ancestor is buried on your land OR that this land was his families lawfully at one point, he can reclaim that land without giving you compensation.
Obviously the farmers in this country fight this because typically they've bought the land from someone who bought it from someone and so on. Or the land has been in their family for over 100 years now. Or whatever the case may be...the farmers refuse to just walk off their lands. It is their livelihood....it is their home.

Regardless of whether we want to accept or admit it, there is a genocide happening towards todays Afrikaners. There is a sense that they must pay for what their parents and grandparents did. There is a huge population in this country holding people guilty for a part of the past that they had nothing to do with. Even those who were young during Apartheid could not control what the government did. They way the change of government in this country is happening is doing nothing to promote democracy nor the equality it was claimed to support. It seems that a reverse Apartheid is what is wanted. Just take a look at the words of Julius Malema.

Men, women, and children are attacked, robbed, raped, and murdered over this unresolved situation. It is a tragedy unfolding before our own eyes. Read more on Wikipedia.

So...that is where my mind was at yesterday. Hundreds of little white crosses representing all of the farmers that have lost their lives simply for making a living.
There are so many different sided arguements and of course all of it leads back to continued racial issues. Nothing makes it okay. No words or choices justify it. No one can replace the lives lost.

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Shana Danae..

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