Monday, 8 April 2013

MHO Monday Mingle-Vacations


A weekly questioner with Funny Postpartum Lady and Story of a Girl!!

This weeks theme:  Vacation

1.  Do you take family vacations?
We’d like to but at this stage it isn’t happening L We have lots and lots of, umm….dreams and discussions about what our vacations will be.

2.  Did you take family vacations as a kid?  If so, what is the one you remember the most?
Not really. What I do remember was going with Dad in the semi for weeks every summer! We’d hit the road that first Sunday school was over and I’d be gone for a week, come home the weekend, and leave out again with him for another week. I’d come home for a couple of weeks and then do it all over again. I hated when our trips ended. When it was just him and me and the open road it felt as if everything was perfect. He was my best friend.

3.  What is your dream vacation, as a family, a couple or even alone?
As a family, Hubby and I want to take the boys on a road trip around South Africa. We want to wait until they’re in high school so they can remember the experience better. But we just want to load up a caravan, take a few weeks and stroll to every hot spot and some unknown wonders and beauties from one corner to the other.

4.  What is your preferred method of traveling? Ex. flying, driving, taking a train, a cruise?
I’d love to take a cruise and trains can be fun. I didn’t necessarily LOVE flying but I don’t mind it. I’d have to say though that driving is my favorite. It is so personal. It creates an experience you can’t exchange. Sometimes the memories of getting there were just as good as the vacation itself!

5.  Have you already made vacations planned for this summer, or are you planning a “staycation”?
Since summer is ending here in South Africa…no. We had a baby for our summer! ;-) hehe but we’re planning this coming summer. The boys will both be older (1 and 3) so we plan to head to the Great Grandparents in Durban….a little fun in the sun at the sea! ;-) Oh…and if time and finances will permit….a nice fishing trip…JUST THE ADULTS!! We plan to let the boys go to Ouma and Oupa for like 3 days or so and Hubby and his brother and girlfriend and I hit the road for camping and fishing and relaxing! Oooooo!!!

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