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I started blogging in October 2012. It’s difficult to start out and build a reader base. You spend countless moments traveling from one corner of the blogosphere to the other getting your name out there. There are easier ways to do it! Advertising makes a one stop shop and I’d be delighted to make it a personal experience. 

Organized Chaos is still a Christian based family lifestyle blog. This means we blog about a variety of topics and products while exposing that women can have their cake and eat it to! This blog is about gaining readers, friends not just followers!

I blog 3+ times a week about a range of topics from recipes, to parenting, to living bi-culturally in a foreign country! I aim to blog from the heart and reach an audience as varied as my own personality. We weren’t created in a box and therefore my mind roams the wide open plains this world provides!

As long as the product/ blog/ brand pertains to my lifestyle {fitness, healthy living, parenting, marriage, home life, and/or Christian living} then please email me at

{STATS} Updated August 2016
Bloglovin:  450+ followers
Google +: 400+ followers
Facebook: 700+ Likes
Twitter: 1200+ followers
Pinterest: 800+ followers
Instagram: 300+ followers

Reader Base:  Majority female, aged 22-36, having children or expecting, both working and non-working

That's over 3500 followers....and we're growing every single day!



I’d be absolutely delighted to share a sincere and original opinion via review of any products on my blog. Organized Chaos does not accept goods/ money/ or further forms of compensation in exchange for a positive review. All reviews are given from an honest, personal experience.
This blog will offer an original post, social media mentions and a giveaway for all products reviewed {required one product for personal experience and one for giveaway}. Expected timeline for review is 3-4 weeks from receipt of product.

{SPONSORED POSTS} Pricing varies on requirements. Email for more info. 

Sponsor Organized Chaos to provide a written post or video about your brand. This will not include any opinions regarding products or services. Does include social media shares/ mentions.


Ads and banners are managed through the administration of Organized Chaos and run for 60 days. Your ad will begin once the space you purchased becomes available.
I am interested in getting to know other bloggers through personal relationships! Ads are chosen based on the idea that we will be friends. It is important to me that we will both gain from a relationship through sponsorship.

SOCIAL MEDIA FRENZY                                                             $5.00
Social media shoutouts
Runs for 1 Day, Unlimited
With social media being the driving force behind our blogs, I'd be delighted to share mine with you! For as little as $5.00 I will gladly give you three highlights on the social media platform of your choice! Be it a pin of a post or a tweet! You let me know where and what and I'll hook you up!

LET YOUR FACE SHINE                                                         $15.00
Runs for 60 Days, 4 shown at a time 
Great spot for if you’re just wanting to get some exposure. This package includes a group spotlight post, option to join in a group giveaway and I'll probably drive you insane in the social media department!

THE BIG TIME                                                                     $20.00
Runs for 60 Days, 2 shown at a time 
This is great for extreme exposure!! I offer an Individual Spotlight post, optional guest post, and you're given the chance to join in a group giveaway! Don't forget all the social media love you can handle! I love reading and commenting on your posts and Pinterest and Twitter love it too!

YOU'RE A STAR                                                                    $40.00
Runs for 60 Days, 1 shown at a time 
This is an in-post ad. Since I post 3+ times a week this is maximum exposure. You’re given an in-post introduction as well as an Individual Spotlight post. You can join in on the group giveaway as well as have me host a giveaway or review for you and your product! Don't forget I'll open my blog to a guest post and a weekend takeover for you! That's right...a WHOLE weekend at your service! And as usual, I'm going to through in a lot of social media shout outs just because I didn't think this deal was sweet enough!

-Please if you're interested in any collaboration email me at

-If you don't see a package that suits your needs, don't run away! Send me an email telling me what you're looking for and we'll design a special package suited to your needs and price!

-Payment is made via Paypal to!  Work will not begin until payment is received. Please do not make payment until you have received confirmation of collaboration.

Organized Chaos will only support products, blogs, and brands that reflect the values and styles of this blog. This ensures that an honest opinion and highly regarded reflection is given to each one. Collaborations are strictly chosen by myself and are chosen based on the ability to reflect my own personal style as well as fit the overall tone and values of Organized Chaos. Organized Chaos reserves the right to terminate any collaboration at any time without refund and/or compensation due to conflicts of interest.

organized chaos

organized chaos


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    1. Hi Jess! I'm sorry it took me a while to respond! We've been in the middle of a move and adjusting to a new town and jobs! I am getting things back on track! I don't work through passionfruit anymore. I only use their guidelines. I handle all my ads myself! Send me an email at shanamom2(@)gmail(dot)com and we will discuss a swap! Look forward to working with you!




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