Friday, 21 September 2012

Just Embrace It...

I saw this when I logged in today on The Great Mum Adventure! I had to join in and give it a go! I think there are too many of us who can relate in too many ways to this one!

Living in a country that is not my own, in a culture that I never imagined could be so different, with people who can sometimes be very serious about their opinions (such as on things like cloth diapering, breastfeeding, social etiquette...ect) is beyond what I consider a challenge! But I’m busting it out everyday and love it when someone else agrees that I am allowed to (and still just as good a mom!) raise MY children in MY way!

This is my list as to why I am a “crap-tastic” mom!! (I’m positive it will grow in so many beautiful ways when LJ enters our world of chaos!)

1. I sometimes let Lil Mister watch Noddy at 8pm if it means he’ll sit quietly while I do dishes :-/

2. I co-slept co-sleep with Liam.

3. I couldn’t breastfeed and after months of irritated formula I put Liam over to cows milk at 11 months!

4. I made my own baby food…and ate it sometimes!!

5. I will NOT circumsize!

6. My mother-in-law cooks dinner most nights before I’m home from work and I love her for it!!

7. Kisses and hugs are a constant part of our day!!

8. Lil Mister sometimes gets cookies before breakfast on a Saturday!

9. We have issues putting Lil Mister in a car seat all the time….grr I hate this one but yea.

10. I vow we’re going to the park every weekend…but sometimes we don’t

11. I am a disposable diaper mommy.

12. Which is part of why I want Lil Mister potty trained before or just after LJ gets here. I’m not so big on the whole two in nappy thing!

13. We aren’t strict with routine…our idea of routine is did he eat something at some point for dinner that was relatively decent, did he bath at some time in the evening, and how tired is he decides when he climbs in bed. Most nights he comes to us and says let’s dudu!

14. We dance…even if that means I dance with him to get him to sleep!

15. We go to church on Sundays and pray at dinner and at bed….everyday!

16. I bribe with candy and treats (left this one on here as it is so true for me too!!)

17. Sometimes Lil Mister doesn’t bath if we are at a friends in the evening :-/ Instead Mommy and Lil Mister bath together in the morning!

18. Sometimes Lil Mister gets two-minute noodles on a Friday night for dinner…He LOVES this!

19. He will eat cheese with every meal, EVERYDAY, and sometimes I let him!

20. I get angry and yell sometimes….I always apologize.

21. We have biting issues….we’re working on this!

22. Lil Mister some nights falls asleep in the lounge in Daddy’s lap.

23. He is 20 months old and still drinks about a liter of milk a day! I’m ok with this as he still eats his meals!

24. Having battled with respiratory issues with Liam since he was an infant, I am a sucker when he is sick and spoil him rotten!

25. Lil Mister gets a treat every time we go to the shops if he is good…He knows this! He is also very good at picking out ONLY one thing!

26. Lil Mister has seen Daddy and Mommy argue. I’m not proud but heck we’re human! One day he’ll be old enough for us to explain.

27. I believe laughter is the solution. If nothing else works, I make my child laugh. We both smile and feel better afterwards.

28. I’m a planner, but I live in the moment. If things aren’t as planned it will be okay as long as Lil Mister and I and Daddy enjoy it!

29. I’m a tattooed and pierced Mommy and I don’t hide this from my child.

30. I raise my child children to understand that RIGHT NOW is the only thing we’re promised so we must live it out in laughter, joy, glory to GOD, and family!

31. I speak Afrikaans to Liam when he doesn’t listen in English even though I’m not good at it!!

Despite all my down falls, Lil Mister has wonderful manners, always says please and thank you and apologizes if he knows he has hurt you or done something wrong. He is bi-lingual and I’ve learnt so much of my husband’s language through him! He eats well, doesn’t really snack on junk (prefers yogurt and fruit!) and is quite intelligent. I AM A PROUD, MUSHY, IN THE MOMENT MOMMY!! I’M A CRAP-TASTIC MOMMY and my childs LAUGH and SMILE prove it to me everyday!

You don't like it...don't agree with it...JUST EMBRACE IT!!


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  2. Sorry girls my 'reply' button is giving me nonsense today...natures way of kicking me when I try to prioritize and do this while Lil Mister sleeps! So I'll comment instead!
    @revampspunkyrena..thanks so much! On my way to your blog now! ;-) New at this so to be dubbed 'awesome' was my highlight!!
    @Leasha..thank you! Had to steal it! What a great way of letting it all out though! When I published this I just felt a sigh like 'yep I've said what' (with my whole shake my head with attitude!)




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