Thursday, 27 September 2012

Week 28....

Another week down….12 to go! I still can’t get over how quickly time is going by! I took a few moments over this past weekend to sort through all the baby stuff we still have! I am so glad I kept things like my kangaroo sack, the jolly jumper, and especially the prams and car stools! I began making a list of all the things we still need! So I’ll end the post today with that list….seeing it makes me feel better! Each week I’ll cross off what we’ve managed to acquire!

Total Weight Gain: 14 pounds!

This week, Baby is the size of a: head of califlower!!!

How far along? 28 weeks, 5 das

Due date: 15 Dec 2012

Total weight gain/loss: +1 lb

Maternity clothes? Still just a couple of items but I’m starting to notice that a lot of my clothes are becoming uncomfortable. I’m still too stubborn to shop though!

Sleep: My sleeping would be heaven if Lil Mister will sleep!! hehe

Best moment this week: Realizing I have more prepared than I thought! Makes a huge sigh for me!

Food cravings: Still a lot of salty foods!

Movement: LJ has been a little bit more still the last couple of days but we had some major traveling this weekend so that most likely is why!

Symptoms: Still just the swelling!

Labor Signs: Nothing yet!!

Stretch Marks: nope and we’re working hard to keep it that way!

Swelling? Like I already said (eyes roll…jeeze j/k) A bit in my feet and ankles…I’m starting to retain more water in my legs and arms too!

Belly Button in or out? its definitely almost out.

What I miss: Still running!! Oh and a lot of my clothes!

Feeling toward Pregnancy: Getting more excited but relieved knowing we are pretty prepared!

What I am looking forward to: seeing the adventures of two boys!

Milestones: Nothing as of yet…I read that LJ is developing eyelashes this week!!

News: Making my doctors appointment today for this weekend hopefully! So maybe next week we’ll have some answers about my blood work!


 4-6 Tommy Tippee bottles (I’m not using Liams again)

 Dummy

 Toweling nappies

 Hats

 Bibs

 Socks

 Stage 2 diapers

 Wet wipes** I like to stock up

 Breast pads

 Aqueous cream

 Baby powder

 Baby oil

 Bum cream

 New monitors

 Nipple cream

 Face cloths

 Pharmacy stock (Panado, tissue salts, boscopan, ect)

****Things I’d like to have*****

 New breast pump (mine does the job but isn’t the most comfortable)

 Microwave sterilizer

 2x more blankets

 2x more receiving blankets

 New nappy bag

 2x new towels


 Coming Home Outfit

 2x summer jammies

3-6 MONTHS (this is where I gave a lot of Liams stuff away!)

 12x vests (4 long sleeve)

 4x cotton pants (with feet)

 2x summer jammies

 4-6x T-shirts

 3-5x Rompers

 3-5x Onesies

6-12 MONTHS (this is a season change from winter to summer for us! 3 months in each season)

 2x Winter jammies

 3x summer jammies

 2x jackets

 4x cotton pants

 3x shorts

 2x long sleeves

 6x short sleeves

 12x vests

 2x Rompers


  1. That's a great way to keep memories of your pregnancy! I wish I thought of that when I had the boys :)

    1. I actually got the idea off of other blogs...wish I could say it was mine!! hehe (I'm a blog stealer sometimes :-/ don't judge!) But thank you! I think it will end up meaning more to me than to LJ but hey something has to be for us Mommas too!! ;-)




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