Thursday, 20 September 2012

Pregnancy...round 2!

I thought I’d begin tracking my pregnancy a little bit. I know “everyone” (sighs and rolls eyes) does this BUT moms around the world will be able to relate in saying that it really does take up every part of your life! While you’re pregnant, you are pregnant all the time, everywhere you go and while doing everything. It causes stress, excitement, conversations, and tons of reflection! Then afterwards you are suddenly MOM and that you are also 24/7 regardless of whether you are with your kids, at work, or enjoying some quiet time (yea, that only happens in our day dreams ;-]). So read along, enjoy my sarcasm, and have some fun! Today will be a double post! ;-)

Age? 23

Pre-Pregnancy weight? 99 lbs

Current weight? 115 lbs

Goal weight at full term? 143 lbs

Is this your first pregnancy? Nope…second!!

Due date? 15 December 2012

Do you like being pregnant? I enjoy my pregnancies but have decided two is enough for me! I think I'd go clinically insane (even if considering!!) doing this a third time! Power to all the moms out there who do it!

Have you had any morning sickness? No not at all....let's get real here! I won't sugar coat this one like oh I'm so great at being pregnant! I hate, HATE, getting sick. I'd rather lay in bed nauseous however this pregnancy was toilet heaven haven for nearly 10 weeks! Everyday, all day nauseousness and 5-6 times a day with my head on the toilet...I carried a lot of sanitary wipes with me!! It finally eased up around 20 weeks but let me tell you it, it comes back with a vengance on somedays...makes me wonder WTH did I do now?!?
Any mood swings? Not near as bad as with Liam! hehe

Do you feel you have a stronger sense of smell? Not at all

Have any swelling? A little bit in my feet in the evenings
Have you had any aches or pains yet? Just Charlie horses :-/ grr…but pharmacy recommended I take magnesium in the evenings before bed and so far 5 days no pain!

Maternity wear? I bought a couple of belly bands to allow my jeans to sit unbuttoned and two shirts that I can still wear after pregnancy. Otherwise, nope still in my normal clothes!
Have you bought anything for baby yet? I’ve covered most of the basics between friends giving me stuff, what I had from Liam and a few purchases! I’m more worried about the 3-6 month stage because that is when I gave most of Liams clothes away!

Are you excited? Yes and nervous about introducing another baby to Liam


Are you with the baby's father? Of course!!

Type of relationship? Been married a little over 3 years!

Your pregnancy so far

When did you find out you were pregnant? April 27, 2012

Who was with you? I was alone in the bathroom! It was an unexpected pregnancy and I hadn’t even told hubby that I thought I might be!

Were you trying to get pregnant? Definitely not…we were pretty no more kids at that point! But God has other plans!

Do you have a guess when and where your baby was conceived? Haha no!

How far along were you when you found out? 7 weeks

What kind of pregnancy test did you take? Don’t know…some pharmacy brand lol

How many tests did you take? Just one…the only time I’ve ever shown positive was when I was pregnant with Liam so I figured it’d be right!

What was your first reaction? Shock…fear…then cried because as I came out the bathroom hubby had returned home from the shops!

What was your partner's first reaction? “What’s wrong?” (I was crying) “No don’t cry. It’s okay. That’s wonderful!”

Who did you tell first? Hubby, then his immediate family and mine

What were your parent's reaction? Are you guys crazy?

Would you ever consider having an abortion? Never
Who is you doctor? The gynae is so busy here I have booked an appointment but will only see him for the first time 6 weeks before LJ is due :-/ so for now I’m at my GP.

How far along were you at your first doctor appointment? 7 weeks…we went the next day for confirmation for our medical aid

Have you heard the baby's heartbeat? Not with LJ….

Have you had any ultrasounds? 3

Will you have any 3D/4D ultrasounds? I’ve wanted to but my appointment is so late in my pregnancy I don’t know if I can.

Have you had any complications with this pregnancy? None whatsoever. A completely healthy baby!

Are you high risk? Nope

Girl, boy, or surprise? Another boy!!

Have you picked out any names yet? Leon-John William Scott

What is something you eat almost everyday? Not at all

Do you have any pregnant friends? My friend gave birth today!!

Have you felt any movement yet? Oh yea…he is a wiggle worm!

Has your partner felt any movement yet? Yes, but he wasn’t as excited as with Liam. I think the novelty wore off a little bit.

Do you or your partner talk to baby? All the time

When did you really start to show? Around 12 weeks. I couldn’t believe it because I was so small with Liam and this time I feel like I’m already as big as I was at full term!

Have any stretch marks? Nope!

How well have you been sleeping? Any strange dreams? I had some nightmares in the beginning but now nothing. If it wasn’t for Liam waking up in the middle of the night I’d be in a coma every night!

Have you had any braxton-hicks contractions yet? A few slight ones but nothing major.

Any baby shower plans? I’m not sure…would like to!

What was the first thing bought for baby? Vests and a receiving blanket and romper. Very practical…again I think the second one brings more reality! (The shoes look cute but they’re never going to wear them!)

Are you going to take any birthing classes? Umm…I’m pretty sure 26 hours of a non-medicated completely natural birth was class enough!

Are you reading any pregnancy, baby, childcare books? Not this time around…I got my fill with Liam!

Has anyone said anything unusual to you since you've been pregnant? Just asked what were we thinking having another child now…oh and that we’re brave (haha Liam will be two years 3 weeks after LJ is born)

What is the best part about being pregnant? Knowing that our family is growing and that we have another child to pour our love and God’s love into. And the idea that Liam will have a friend now (my hubby and his brothers are the same ages apart and are great friends…fight like brothers but still close)

What is the worst part? Having had to stop training and switch to more low impact workouts…scared I’ll have lost my umph!

What are you most nervous about? Liam’s reactions!

Birth Plans

At home or at a hospital? Hospital

Vaginal or C-section? Vaginal, if everything goes according to plan.

Natural or medicated? Natural…I’ll consider a low pain reliever if I’m in labor very long but my doctor has informed me he will NOT allow me to be in labor as long as last time.

Will you be induced? Not if I can help it. But we really want LJ born on his due date as it is a big family birthday….so maybe.

Who will be in the delivery room with you? Just Brendon. Ouma is staying home with Liam this time.

What couple of things will you be sure to have with you? Phone, lots of water, and something to read

What do you think will annoy you during labor? Last time it was comments from the nurses. I wanted to scream shut up and do your job!

Are you going to take pictures? Just afterwards

Will dad cut the cord? No…it creeps him out!

Are you scared? Not this time.

When the baby is here

What is the baby\'s coming home outfit? A friend is knitting an outfit

Will you come home as soon as you can? Oh yes. If I can it will be same day.

What is the best thing about coming home? Getting into routine.

What is the nursery's theme? Nautical

Will you breastfeed or formula feed? I’m going to express milk

Will you co-sleep? I always say no and then it ends up happening anyways…I think we’ll need a bigger bed because Liam still tends to venture into us around 4 am!

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