Monday, 17 September 2012

Not exactly as planned....

The boys in the house (meaning Hubby, Pa and BIL Quintin) have been planning this past Saturday’s fishing extravaganza since June. There are (were) two fishing competitions this month. One last weekend and again at the end of the month (add to that a trip to friends before baby, a hen/rump party this month and two weddings in October you get one already tired momma!)
Friday night at 7:30 Hubby decides to suggest that Liam and I go along for the day! Instead of leaving at 2 or 3 am like planned to head out, we would leave together at 6:30 am. Pa and Quintin would still leave early. It took a lot of internal debate to consider being out of the house at 6:30 on a Saturday but heck Liam is going to be awake at 5am anyways so why not!
After much running around the house, multiple trips to the bukkie to load everything, and excited/frantic double checks of all my “lists” we were loaded up and headed for the dam and 6:40 (not bad in my opinion!)
Liam loved it the moment we got there! Along the way we pass multiple 18-wheelers at which everyone of them receives a deafening, top of the lung scream “TRUCK!” Then we drive past a field full of cows which is deemed another necessary moment for the insights of a 20 month old. He feels desperately urged to inform me, “Momma, noo-noos!” This is said in a very sincere way as to make sure I understood what we were looking at!
As we come around the mountains and the dam is in view Liam is standing completely upright and jumping excitedly at all of the boats. Yes I agree there were many of them! Anything that moves is top notch in Liam’s book!
We finally arrive at the water! The morning was crisp but seemed like the day was going to be okay. Liam is in high-heaven! I’m stretched out in a chair with my book in hand ready to enjoy a relaxing day and watch my son exhaust himself!

He kindly was letting Mommy know that the inside of the egg was not nice to eat!!

Mommy's little boy isn't so little anymore!

Daddy and Tannie Des coming in from the water!
Wouldn’t you know it, the weather turns TERRIBLE! The wind starts picking up and the clouds roll in. Within two hours of being there I’ve layered Liam in just about every article of clothing I’d packed (which was summer clothing mostly!) and he is asleep on my lap under a blanket. Brendon and I decide to drive the 30 minutes home quickly and grab some more warm clothes (for us too) and come back. As we get into town, Pa phones to say it is absolutely freezing there by the water.
That sealed the deal and now we arrive at home and unload all of me and Liam’s things as I prepare to spend a Saturday at home….boo! The day turned out somewhat productive. Sorted out more boxes from when we moved (a month ago!) and cleaned Liam’s room. We watched DvDs and were able to play outside for a little while!
Unfortunately the boys came home empty handed that afternoon. But they enjoyed it! So that is a definite plus in our books! We load up again and head for the ovals. It is a race weekend and dear Hubby must work there as cars ALWAYS end up needing towed off the track! Another plus for Liam as again we’re going to things that move! The weather had improved dramatically and this time I dressed him better ;-)

We leave a little over an hour before it ends as Liam is well exhausted now! As we drive out, Liam waves and calls “Bye bye tractor” to the poor tractor that wets the track!
The day wasn’t as planned…there was no lounging in the sun…no letting Liam run wild in the free open space…and no afternoon naps for this pregnant momma but again my family never fails to put a smile on my face!

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