Monday, 10 December 2012

A week has disappeared!

An entire week has passed in a blur of cleaning, cooking, organizing and playing! I can’t believe the time went so quickly. I can’t believe how little I’ve rested!

No Boetie still has not made his appearance! If you’re following me on Twitter or Facebook I promise you’ll know immediately! If you aren’t then get over there and get those follows in!

I am officially on maternity leave. A whole week early! Technically two weeks because I had wanted to work until the 14th December but was only cleared by the doctor until the 10th. Then....THEN! My amazing boss decided on the 30th November to start my leave as of the following Monday! So I have been at home for an entire week! What is even worse is I completely fogged out for this past week!

I definitely work more being at home than I did at work! HAHA! I always knew SAHM’s worked their backsides off but really I thought the whole point of maternity leave was to rest before the baby came. Well, this is a concept my mind and body are having troubles putting into line! It is okay though. We’ll get there!

So here we are. My last week of pregnancy (hopefully :-]). I am 39 weeks and my due date is officially 5 days away! I’d really hoped I would have given birth by now as it is ridiculously hot here! I can’t imagine another day in this heat, but I’ll keep trudging on right!!

So where am I??

The house is finally in order...for the most part! We still need to bring the crib over from our parents house and set it up and my coffee table has also managed to be left behind for some reason! Otherwise we are settled in and have fell into a simple but effective routine. Kind of....

Lil Mister is cutting his canine teeth. ALL FOUR OF THEM...AT THE SAME TIME! I’m seriously going off the deep end here! Both the top and bottom on the left side have cut through but the right side remains swollen and sore. So every night we have a battle going in which NOTHING consoles him and I want to cry right along with him! Normally it has been only once that he wakes. I would spend about an hour or so of him screaming and crying and finally he would end up crying himself to sleep in my arms. Last night it was twice and again another 30 minute battle when he woke up just to get him to realize it is time to get up for the day!

My poor little boy. I feel so helpless. But I’m sort of thankful that they are all coming through at once because then it means we are done for a while! Do you read that there<<<<<<!!!! DONE! No more teething for a couple of years while we wait for those very back molars! HAHA SCORE!

I wish I could say more exciting things happened this past week, but my life has been pretty boring! Just unbelievably busy! So I’m working on a few blog projects, cleaning like a mad woman, and spending lots of time just playing with Lil Mister. (I let him bunk school on Thursday AND Friday :-/) This is the last week for school in South Africa. The crèches will close as of Friday and then Lil Mister is only scheduled to return late January or early February. I plan to keep him home during my leave to adjust to me and Boetie. So I’m accepting lots and LOTS of ideas for toddler activities!

As I know I’m going to be overwhelmed between Lil Mister, Boetie and still doing some of my work from home (oh and I have a house to take care of now lol!) I have a few lovely ladies who will be bringing some of their spunkieness to my page over the next few weeks! Our theme topic for my guests is “If you could be your husband/spouse for a day....” I can’t wait to read what they’ve wrote and hope you all enjoy it too! Please check them out when you see their posts because believe will regret not having gone to their pages! ;-)

Enjoy your Monday!


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