Monday, 17 December 2012

If you weren't aware.....

Then you desperately need to get with the picture! Why aren't you following my twitter or facebook?
Jeeze friends!!
Currently I am eating through needless amounts of data because I am typing one handed!! Are you catching up yet?? ;-)
That's right!! LJ has joined our world!! He graced us with his presence at13:35 on 12/12/12!! Lucky baby! We'll get the whole story up soon enough....give some patience!!
Please don't misunderstand me, either. As much as I would love to hold him 24/7 I learnt my lesson with Lil Mister and we are doing very good about not sleeping in the arms!
However, somehow, in a manner in which only God himself can truly know or understand, BOTH my boys have contracted pink eye. This is unfathomable because we have been NO WHERE since we got home Friday! I do not have it and neither does Hubby Dearest. So please explain where they got it! Also Lil Mister hasn't been in school since Wednesday morning!
It is as if the virus just waltz into my house last night and planted itself happily in my children! RAWR!
So we are battleing with sleep at this moment!
Still, he is precious and I enjoy holding him so any excuse is better than none right!

Lil Mister is adjusting so amazingly! All my fears are surpassed! We have our moments where Lil Mister wants attention and it breaks my heart to have to say to him wait because LJ is eating, but he is head over heels for his brother!
He makes sure EVERYONE knows that is his Boeta and asks to hold him quite often! He is gentle, gives kisses, and comforts him when he crys!
I am truly blessed! And with that I leave you for today! Thanks for your continued reading! ;-) mother of two!!

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