Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Because I'll Always Be....

I read something like this on someone elses blog last week and cannot remember WHO it was! So whoever posted this first....if you read this (or you know WHO it was) leave a link in the comments and I’ll update this post to highlight your loveliness!

I wrote in Cheers to the Americans about my profound revelation that I’ll always be American. There are a few other things that will always be about me!

1.    I’ll always be that girl who rocks out to country music! I don’t care if it isn’t extremely popular here....I love country and always will!
2.    I’ll always put hamburgers on a fire! I’m sorry I’m not sorry about this. It is frackin’ delish....that is all!
3.    I’ll always speak English! Yep, I speak English with a capital E and am proud of it! I will teach it to my children and I will always hold it as my first language.
4.    I’ll always speak Afrikaans with an accent! I may be teased or giggled at. People may say they find it cute or interesting. But I will always speak it with an accent and I’m okay with that. Heck....at least I speak it!
5.    I’ll always make sweet tea! Hubby loves sweet tea and my friends that have tried it...they do too. C requests that I make it for her. She claims hers just doesn’t taste as good!
6.    I’ll always love fried food! I know it isn’t the most healthy thing but it is what it is. For me....it’s part of what I knew as America!
7.    I’ll always love Jack Daniels! Hubby thinks it is disgusting....he is wrong. WRONG! Jack Daniels....it’s American! (I think Southern Comfort ranks right up there too!)
8.    I’ll always prefer filter coffee! I know instant is the thing here and don’t get me wrong....it’s darn good. But there is nothing like “Folgers in your cup!”
9.    I’ll always wish I saw lemonade stands on the sides of the road in summer! It isn’t done here....but there is something so absolutely adorable about kids selling lemonade!
10. I’ll always love American muscle! Say what you want about a Ford....but it is American built and I love it! I’ll always love it and you aren’t going to convince me otherwise.
11. I’ll always say ‘yall’ because it is a perfect word. I love words that mush together.
12. I’ll always be that girl who likes cut up denims. I know they aren’t considered proper for a mom in these parts of the world....but I LOVE them!
13. And cowboy boots! If I had a pair now...I’d probably wear them constantly!
14. I’ll always be a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I love to dress up.....but I love me some jeans and a t-shirt....or white tank top. It is classy, comfortable and adorable!
15. I’ll always chew my nails. It isn’t Nice....but it’s how I deal....get over it!
16. I will ALWAYS be loud! People here say it’s cuz I’m American....I know a lot of quiet Americans. It is just who I am. I talk loud.....deal!
17. I will always be honest when mad....and I’ll probably cry too. I’m sorry...but if you push me to that point, I’m going to be real with you!
18. I’ll always be that girl that obsesses over my house! It’s never clean enough and I’m never organized enough....even though my friends disagree. Hubby and I have high expectations even if we fail to meet them.
19. I’ll always be that girl that orders way too much food at a restaurant. If you’re going to take me out to eat...I’m going to enjoy it. I’m ordering a steak....a big fat juicy one too! I like to eat!
20. I’ll always be that girl....who questions herself and everything about her life. It doesn’t mean I’m dissatisfied or unsure....I just am curious. I like to wonder....I like to know!

So that’s it....for now cuz you know...I’ll always be that girl that rambles on and on!

I will always be American.

What will you always be?

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Shana Danae..


  1. I just gave up my cowboy boots that I've had for a few years and haven't worn. I figured though I love them, someone else could love and USE them, lol!! Thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync!

  2. Amen to that! I bought me a pair of Dingo's a few years ago...the first pair of shoes that I actually spent $102 on for myself! LOL! Have to agree that ya'll just fits any situation!

  3. I know right! Cowboy boots are the best....and then I'm even worse at sayin' yall! It comes from Uncle Stacey! ;-) I gotta have the whole persona!

  4. That's great that you're willing to pass them on and increase the love for cowboy boots! What a noble sacrifice! ;-) Thanks for stopping by!




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